Spring Brings… Warm Sunshine, Flowers Blooming, and Brand-New Goodies from EverTrue in This Product Update

EverTrue Product Update April 2019

Hello! And thanks for reading. If you only have one minute, watch this video where I try to breakdown all the new EverTrue goodies in fewer than 60 seconds.



And if you have a couple more minutes, stick around as we go deeper into all the news from EverTrue HQ. I’ll try and keep this skimmable by giving you a one-sentence takeaway for each new feature before going into detail and links to learn more.

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EverTrue Platform | Relationship Management | Volunteer Management

First up… Do you want feature news more often?

Well you’re in luck. We’re posting breaking news within EverTrue weekly.

Just look for the little fire logo at the top of your screen (it’s there because these updates are muy caliente). If you see a number there, click on it and read the latest update.

Finding Beamer in EverTrue

EverTrue Platform


Suggest an Update

Let your team send in new contact information via EverTrue, then export that to your database.

Whether you’re grabbing a business card at an event or an email address after a conversation, you come across new contact information for alumni and parents all the time.

Now there’s an easy way to suggest updates to existing information while you’re hard at work. Just edit or retire any information you see and/or add new contact information. Your data team can review those submissions and import them back to your database of record.

Right now, customers have to ask us to enable this feature, so just shoot genius@evertrue.com a note and we can flip the switch! This is available for web and iOS and we’re rolling it out to Android users soon.

(Shoutout to Memphis, College of Saint Rose, Concordia, St. Paul, The New School, St. Edward’s and others. Their teams are making hundreds of updates via this new feature.)

Suggest an Update in EverTrue


SSO by Product

Choose how you want to give your team and volunteers secure access to each EverTrue platform.

We’ve offered SSO (single sign-on) authentication for a while. But now if you’re using more than one EverTrue product, you can pick and choose which platforms require SSO.

For example, a college can make SSO mandatory for staff access to EverTrue and Relationship Management, but then use our simple “magic link” login for fundraising volunteers to access Volunteer by EverTrue.

It’s simple security for everyone! Just contact genius@evertrue.com if you want to activate this feature.


Facebook maintenance & manual matching

There’s a new way to manually match Facebook engagers to EverTrue profiles.

You probably know we had to pause the flow of new Facebook likes and comments into EverTrue. It really pained us to do that. But the maintenance period is over (whoo!) and you have all that great engagement data at your fingertips once more.

With Facebook making API changes to enhance user security and privacy, we’ve updated our connection to stay in sync and support those enhancements.

Most users won’t notice changes. But if you’re someone who likes to manually match post engagers to EverTrue profiles, you’ll see a new way to make that happen. We’ve written up the details here, but it’s pretty straightforward if you want to try it out.

Just head over to the Facebook tab, click on a post, click on “unmatched engagers,” and pick a person to match to an EverTrue profile. Done!


Faster importer & data updates

We’re putting the pedal to the metal when it comes to getting your data into EverTrue.

This is totally worth a re-read. We’ve got our importer amped up and working faster than ever. Almost 300 percent quicker!


Emma Partnership

Turn engagement into action by sending EverTrue lists into Emma.

Here’s another post that’s worth a second look. EverTrue and Emma, our super-fun email marketing friends, made our partnership official and launched a new integration.


Relationship Management


Coming soon: Portfolio & Performance

We’re introducing team-based reporting and drag-and-drop prospect stage management. And that’s just the start.

We’ve got a boatload of updates coming as we introduce upgrades to Relationship Management. We’re calling it Portfolio & Performance and it makes managing a portfolio and predicting pipeline even easier and gives team leaders a clear view into team and individual activities and progress toward goals.

Look for lots of good stuff to come including the ability to organize fundraisers by team for more collaboration and better reporting, drag-and-drop stage management, prospect management features, and more!

We have a few customers already using this new platform. Contact genius@evertrue.com to add your team to the waitlist.

Drag and Drop Portfolio Management


Key Relationships

“Star” important prospects or identify primary solicitors.

You can now indicate which teammate is the main point of contact for a prospect. We’re calling it “key relationships,” but you might look at is as “primary” or “lead” prospects. It’s included in the new Portfolio view.

Whether you star, tier, or prioritize your portfolio, key relationships allow you to do all of this seamlessly in EverTrue! Now you can easily note and keep track of those individuals who are most important for you or your team to monitor.

Set up key relationships in EverTrue relationship management


Interaction updates: free-form, active/inactive, solicitors can edit

Like a yoga master, EverTrue interactions and contact reports are wicked flexible.

We have a whole bunch of updates to interactions, making it easier for gift officers to log contact reports.

  • Now you can toggle interaction fields on and off.
  • You can add multiple people to an interaction (when you’re meeting with more than one prospect at a group meeting).
  • Gift officers can edit their past interactions.
  • You can search interactions by development officer.

What will we think of next? (That’s where you come in… what do you want to see us build?)


Reminder: Android updates

Work anywhere with any device.

Don’t forget to look back at past product updates. We’re moving fast and there’s always some new and exciting to check out. In our last update, we let you know about trip-execution features coming out for our Android-loving fundraiser friends.


Volunteer Management


Volunteer Insights

Stay on top of volunteer assignments, activity, pool progress in our handy dashboard.

In the blink of an eye — seriously, it just takes a glace — you’ll know how your volunteer teams are performing. We show you up-to-date progress toward goals, volunteer activity, which prospects need assignments, and more. Then we’ll break down that information by volunteer, too.

With all this information at your fingertips, you can manage your peer-to-peer fundraising program faster and more effectively than ever.

Volunteer Insights - Reporting in Volunteer by EverTrue


Lead Volunteer

Give head agents or team leaders extra powers to help manage volunteers.

Who doesn’t like more teammates? You can now bring your best volunteers behind the curtain and give them access to the same reporting you have at your fingertips. Let them see all assignments, track activity and performance of other volunteers, and dig into overall results.


Suggest an Update — for Volunteers

In addition to bringing in more gifts, volunteers can send in updates to contact information for your team to review and export.

Your fundraising volunteers are scouring social media, shooting off emails and texts, and working the phones to support the organizations they love. While they’re getting those gifts in the door, they’re also coming across new information about their fellow graduates.

So we’re letting them send that information back to campus. Volunteers can use the new Suggest an Update feature to send in new contact and biographical information, which you can export back to your database. Check it out!


Committed Amounts

Let volunteers enter pledges from donors.

While nothing’s better than some cold cash and hard credits when it comes to gifts, we know a lot of programs want to give volunteers a way to send in pledges or let you know when a prospect commits to a gift.

With Committed Amounts, volunteers can log promised gifts, which then become easily sortable, part of overall pool progress, and let you follow up to close the gift.


Well, that’s it for now. If you made it all the way through, thanks for reading! And thanks for being a fantastic EverTrue partner. Read more product updates here.

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