It’s Live! The EverTrue + Graduway Integration

We’ve connected the wires, flipped the switches, and activated the widgets.

That’s right — our new integration with Graduway is now live!

As you know, we teamed up with Graduway to bring alumni relations and development closer together than ever before.

Thanks to this plug-and-play integration, you can track Graduway membership and usage right in EverTrue. By adding this information to our exclusive, continually updated TrueView profiles, you’ll always know who is — and who isn’t yet — engaging with you.

That information helps you better promote your Graduway community, find new volunteers, connect with your best potential donors, and take segmentation to the next level.

Sweet, right?


When you connect Graduway to EverTrue, you gain two new filters for measuring engagement. Use these to locate Graduway users among your top donors, identify alumni who are logging in to your Graduway platform, find new potential volunteers, or recruit new members easily. 

And when you combine these new Graduway filters with others like giving status, Facebook engagement, or net worth, you’ll connect the dots between your alumni engagement and fundraising efforts. 


This makes list building and engagement scoring super-duper easy.

Multi-channel engagement is the best indicator of affinity. So now, in EverTrue, you can see who’s interacting with your posts on Facebook and combine that list with people who are also Graduway users to find your most digitally engaged alumni.

You can take that to the next level by understanding whether they’ve attended an event, and send out communications accordingly. Tracking engagement makes it easy for you to source your next group of class agents, career center hosts, social media ambassadors, or donors. 

You can be sure that their engagement with you isn’t just by chance…they really love their alma mater!


The Graduway integration is easy to set up. We’ve outlined the steps to connect Graduway to EverTrue, so get in touch with us to begin!

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