EverTrue + ThankView launch a show-stopping integration

EverTrue & ThankView partnership

Bet that got your attention?

(And maybe some neighborhood dogs barking, too.)

Yup, that’s right. EverTrue + ThankView have teamed up to deliver video insights in our TrueView profiles. 

Through our brand new integration, you can send video analytics straight from ThankView to EverTrue, letting fundraisers see the videos donors have received and know if they’ve watched, shared, downloaded or replied to your messages.

This information helps you build stronger, more personal relationships with every donor.

Why video matters more than ever…

Since March, internet usage is up between 50-70% with video views skyrocketing.

But video isn’t important only while most of the country is sheltering in place thanks to COVID-19. Video is the primary way your donors want to communicate both now and when we get back to normal. 

54% of consumers want to see video from brands — more than email, blogs, or print. By some measures, video is 600% more effective than print and email combined. Video drives conversion on web forms like giving pages and increases open rates of email. 

Using video is the best way to grab donors’ attention, thank them for giving, and to engage new prospects. Since ThankView lets you easily create and share personalized videos for one person or 10,000 alumni, they’re one of our favorite partners

Here’s how advancement teams can use video in every stage of the donor journey

Alumni relations — Use video to connect alumni to graduates (and vice versa) and share insights from famous graduates or campus personalities.

Annual giving — Upgrade the phonathon. Instead of calling during dinner and going straight to voicemail, create warm leads by using video to personalize the donor experience.

Digital and leadership giving — Use personal videos to reach out to cold prospects and book that critical first meeting.

Major gifts — The best gift officers use video to communicate with their assigned prospects, sharing impact stories for campus news as it breaks.

Stewardship — Video can connect donors directly to students who benefit from their philanthropy, creating the best possible stewardship experience.

Here’s how the EverTrue + ThankView integration works

Once you’ve connected your ThankView account to EverTrue, we’ll start feeding ThankView data into our platform as an interaction. Your team can use the Interaction filter to search for anyone with a ThankView video. Refine those filters as needed (Have they given? Are they rated? Assigned?) and build a list for further outreach. This also lets you quantify the effect that ThankView engagement has on your donors by seeing if watching these videos increases their giving. 

ThankView filters available now in EverTrue
These new search filters let you quickly see who received a ThankView. Add other filters to narrow your search.

You can also see the ThankView videos each person has received in the Interactions tab in EverTrue. We’ll show you a link to the video, the content of the email, if they watched, how much they watched, and more.

That lets your gift officers know more about each donor’s engagement as they reach out, build portfolios, and connect with prospects.

ThankView Interaction in EverTrue
See all the data about ThankView videos on our profiles.

“It was so easy to set up. We just sent ThankView one file with our constituent IDs and there’s no additional work for us to keep it going,” said Jeannie Patch, Senior Director of Advancement Services at Salem State University. (Her team helped test out this new integration.) “Everything is seamless. It just ‘magically’ appears!”

“I’ve been using the integration to identify potential donors,” Jeannie said. “I’m creating lists for our annual giving team of who’s engaged on Facebook, isn’t a donor yet this year, and has received a ThankView. It’s also great for our gift officers. We’re not putting ThankView data into our database yet, so EverTrue is the only place this information lives. Everyone can see if their prospect received a particular video and follow up accordingly.”

Here’s a the full breakdown of the EverTrue + ThankView integration.

Ready to learn more?

Talk to our friends at Thankview or request an EverTrue demo.

Think it’s hard to start using video? See how Kansas State created a $300 “magic backpack” to give everyone on their team access to a professional-grade studio.

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