Build Better Relationships With Personalized Video

Evertrue's Thankview allows you to craft compelling video experiences, combining personalized outreach with state-of-the-art integration, designed to delight donors and boost engagement. Elevate your donor relations by merging insights with impactful video content.

Personal, Persuasive, Impactful Videos

Use personalized thank you videos to tell captivating stories, appeal to donor sentiments, and showcase the tangible impact of their contributions, ensuring every message strikes the right chord and connects on a personal level.

Integrated with EverTrue’s Data-Driven Insights

Leverage continually updated insights from EverTrue to craft targeted and personalized video campaigns on ThankView — social media, life changes, event attendance, and more.

Unified Branding Across All Channels

Provide a consistent and memorable experience through email, SMS, or social media. Share personalized thank you videos with your unique branding to maximize the impact at every touchpoint.

What’s included with ThankView?

Easy Video Creation and Editing

From direct recording on our thank you video message platform to easy editing tools, we’ve made video creation a breeze. Spice up your content with themed overlays, intriguing animations, and delightful music. Store, organize, or even request videos with utmost ease, ensuring you always have fresh content at your fingertips.

Advanced Donor Engagement Metrics

With ThankView, understand who’s watching your content, their level of engagement, and more. Armed with these insights, refine your strategies, re-engage intelligently, and strengthen those invaluable donor relationships.

Integration with Industry-leading CRMs

Take your donor data further. With direct integrations to top-tier CRMs, ensure your entire organization can leverage the valuable insights gleaned from ThankView campaigns, optimizing every touchpoint.

Actionable Landing Pages

Using our thank you software, direct donors to dynamic, branded landing pages that are both actionable and instantly recognizable, ensuring your call-to-action gets the response it deserves.


“We work with various digital providers but know that video is king, queen, everything. The ability to show something to visually tell you story is paramount to having success with any type of engagement.”

Matt Kanan

Assistant Athletic Director of Development, Communications and Administration

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Start boosting engagement and retention with personalized 1:1 and 1-to-many videos.