Evertrue + ThankView

Tap into the full power of video

Connect ThankView to EverTrue to track video engagement and connect with your best prospects.

  • Search for all ThankView video recipients in EverTrue
  • Track which prospects have received a video
  • Know if they’ve watched the video, how much, and how many times
  • Use engagement to guide personal follow-up and track results

Video engagement data now in EverTrue

ThankView lets you easily create and share videos with donors, alumni, parents, and friends. EverTrue helps you strengthen those relationships and personalize follow-up by showing who’s watching and engaging with those videos.

If you’ve connected your ThankView account, you’ll see who’s received a particular video, if they’ve watched it, and how many times they’ve viewed it so you can make the next communication even more personal. It will also help you quantify how effective your ThankView messaging has been in helping retain donors. 

Search for ThankView recipients in EverTrue

Each ThankView video becomes an interaction in EverTrue. You can use filters to identify everyone who’s received a ThankView in seconds. Then refine your search by adding other filters and quickly zero in on the right audience (Have they given? When? Are they rated? Assigned?).

You’ll create and share engagement-driven lists with your team, propelling 1:1 follow-up, keeping gift officers informed of prospect activities, and helping stewardship and annual giving teams retain donors.

Make every email dynamic and personal

EverTrue’s TrueView insights deliver continually updated information about your constituents. Take segmentation to the next level with data on how they interact with your organization on Facebook, their interests, updated career information, home values, and other wealth indicators.

When you deliver videos that match the recipient’s interests, you create a personalized experience that grows relationships and helps acquire and retain donors.

Video insights guide annual fund and major gift outreach

“We’re not putting ThankView data into our database yet, so EverTrue is the only place this information lives. Everyone can see if their prospect received a particular video and follow up.”

Jeannie Patch,
Senior Director of Advancement Services at Salem State University