A Day in the Life of a DXO

A DXO might just be the trendiest new position in advancement. And for good reason.

The new-and-improved name for digital gift officers, donor experience officers find donors with the most potential and build authentic, one-on-one relationships with thousands of them. We’ve found that across EverTrue’s higher ed customers, only 2.8% of all constituents are assigned to a gift officer. Less than half of that 2.8% actually received a 1:1 touch in the last year.

The vast majority of our donor base is only receiving mass communications – usually phonathon calls or postcards in the mail. And that is simply not good enough. The job of a DXO is to connect with and deliver phenomenal experiences to thousands of overlooked prospects. They’re a critical part of any truly donor-centric organization.

By employing DXOs and leveraging available technology, we can create personal donor experiences for more constituents than ever before. DXOs will provide a high-touch, 1:1 experience to the engaged, high capacity donors that gift officers are not able to connect with.

Sounds great, we know. But what does a DXO actually do?

Well, Jess, a Donor Experience Officer at Tufts University is going to show you…

DXOs manage thousand-person portfolios and personalize outreach to each and every donor based on their interests and giving history. By beginning each day in EverTrue’s Launchpad, Donor Experience Officers get alerts about everyone in their portfolio. They know who’s engaging, who’s made a gift, and who hasn’t gotten any attention in a while.

Live updates, alerts, and easy access to portfolios make the goal of contacting 200 new donors each quarter completely manageable.


Launchpad for Teams
EverTrue's Launchpad

With these live insights, DXOs are able to build 1:1 relationships with more members of the giving pyramid than ever before, increasing donor count, building revenue, and shoring up major gift pipeline for the future. 

So how are DXOs forming these relationships, you ask? Between travel logistics and the COVID-19 pandemic, meeting in-person with 1,000 people per year just isn’t reasonable. And to live up to the name “Donor Experience Officers,” DXOs focus on meeting their constituents where they are to ensure the best donor experience possible. For some donors, this is on the phone, some are on LinkedIn, some prefer email, and others prefer different social media channels.  

This multi-channel approach enables DXOs to truly form relationships with their portfolio in a way that works for them. They can keep track of their portfolio by dragging and dropping constituents between stages so there’s a clear path forward towards connecting with more donors. 

If you’d like to learn more about starting and running a DXO program at your institution, set up some time to chat with us!

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