EverTrue Premier

Our Donor Experience programs create personal experiences for thousands of people through custom, hands-on strategy and execution





Delight your best overlooked major gift prospects

We help find donors with the most potential and build real, one-on-one relationships with thousands of them. This is really what it means to be donor-centric.

Sales strategy meets fundraising

We manage teams of Donor Experience Officers who deliver phenomenal experiences to delight, retain, and grow portfolios of 1,000+ of your best, overlooked prospects.

Driven by data

We use proprietary insights — via EverTrue’s integrations to continually refresh data sources — to find the donors with the greatest major gift potential.

Best-in-class tools

A proven combination of our own software and third-party integrations allow these DXOs to connect with hundreds of people a month.

Clear activity metrics and ROI

With ongoing, in-depth reporting, you’ll stay on top of activity, portfolio coverage, and prospect stages. 

Our DX Program Managers — all former fundraisers — are responsible for ongoing oversight of your DXO program and report regularly on donor retention, upgrades, reactivation, revenue, and projected pipeline.

Are you ready? Join leading institutions who are
choosing a better way to raise.

“This is the right approach... Our donors are responding to our DXOs and saying, ‘Thank you! This is really cool. No one’s ever reached out to me and talked to me like this before.’”

Amanda Trabue,
Western Kentucky University

“Our donors love to be contacted and engaged in this way. We have now reached more people in the last 3 months than we did in the last year. This is the future of leadership and major gifts fundraising.”

Brooks Hull,
Louisiana Tech University

“By aligning our strategy, technology, and talent, we have reached beyond the top 1% of donors to build stronger, more personal relationships with people who care deeply about Boise State and want to make a difference for the future of this institution.”

Matthew Ewing,
Boise State University

“We’re generating more than 125 interactions a month, which has lead to even stronger retention and revenue numbers, plus the team has created dozens of new leadership annual giving and major gift opportunities.”

Tyrell Warren-Burnett,
Oregon State University

Create genuine connections and incredible donor experiences