New Year, New Jobs

New Year New Job

How many times have you heard the saying, “New year, new me?” Whether you’re passionate about New Year’s resolutions or roll your eyes at the whole tradition, there’s no denying that many alumni are starting out 2021 by making some changes. But we’re not talking about at-home workouts or starting a new diet.

Your Alumni Are Changing Jobs

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to affect daily life and the job market, many of these changes will be career-related. The well-known “K-Shaped Recovery” means today’s job market affects alumni differently depending on their industry and experience.

Millions have lost jobs or are struggling with reduced hours, furloughs, or voluntary pay cuts. But there are thousands who may be better off financially before the pandemic (industries like health care, communications, tech, and customer services have boomed). 

Whether alumni are making a major career change into an increasingly remote-friendly workforce, seeking new employment, or being promoted at a growing company, you should know what they’re up to. 

It’s important to keep up with the constituents making changes, no matter the proportion of your constituents that are affected. Based on our survey results, 74% of institutions rely on career data to guide fundraising efforts, but 67% only update career information when they are notified by an alum or researcher.

New Job data

In this digital age where career data is often available publicly, there’s no reason that advancement teams should be forced to rely on reactive, one-off updates to have current job information for their alumni.

Keep Up with Fresh, Up-to-Date Data

Career Moves by EverTrue provides advancement shops with reliable, up-to-date, human-verified career information about all of your alumni. Yes, all of them. Now you can catch all those “new year, new job” innovators in one fell swoop. 

With Career Moves, we do a one-time screening to update job information for all your alumni. And then we’ll automatically provide updates every 90 days as alumni shift careers and industries. 

You’ll always know who’s been promoted (and is now a major gift prospect), who just took a new board seat, started a new volunteer position, and who’s moved (and needs a welcome note). You’ll see it all in the EverTrue TrueView profiles, and you can export the data to update your CRM. After all, an advancement shop can only be as successful as their data allows. 

Skeptical that not many of your alumni are changing jobs? Or do you think that you’ve managed to keep up with most of them? We’ve found that 98% of recent job changes aren’t in your database. 

98% career moves

But what’s the ROI?

As for the alumni that are changing jobs in 2021? Let’s do some math. 

Say 10% of your alumni body changes jobs this year. (This is what we’ve seen as an average across EverTrue customers.) 

If you have a 200,000-member alumni body, that’s 20,000 job changers. 

Statistically, one thousand (5%) of these will be in the C-Suite.

If just 1 in 4 of those people (250 total) become assigned prospects after initial outreach, you’ll have created at least to $3.125MM in major gift pipeline.     

New Job pipeline

And from what we’ve seen, that’s a conservative estimate.

The bottom line is that you’re missing career data for countless alumni now, and even more that will change jobs in 2021. Career Moves will enable your team to do their best work by utilizing the best data available. Let’s get to work.

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