PSA: You Should Have Something To Show for Every Conference You Attend

Donor Experience Certification

So, you attended a conference. 

You made the case to your supervisor that the conference would be worth your time. You cleared your schedule, declined meetings, and (hopefully) turned off email dings and message notifications.

You zoned in on candid stories of wins and lessons learned from leaders in the industry. The keynotes asked some big questions and gave you a boost of inspiration. 

You chatted with your counterparts across the country and reconnected with former colleagues and industry friends. 

Maybe you even attended OUR conference, in particular. 

At RAISE Live, we wanted folks to walk away from the two-hour event with a new joie for their work. 

We wanted attendees to reflect on their own day-to-day and bottom lines compared to what some of the most innovative teams across the country are doing. 

We wanted to give everyone at least a handful of ideas that they could actually apply to their work this week, this month, and this year.

Now, where’s the ROI?

Some of the RAISE takeaways and ideas worth borrowing are for you to bring to your boss.

Others are for you to bring to your next team meeting

And others are just for you to bring to your own workflows so that, starting now, you can be a better fundraiser, teammate, leader, and relationship builder.

Professional development is an investment of your time and energy. In some cases, it’s an investment of your or your institution’s money. Your donors expect ongoing value from their investments in your institution – you should expect the same from an investment in your professional development.

The expertise you gain at conferences should be reflected in your list of credentials.

EverTrue Donor Experience Certification

We curated the content of RAISE so that our attendees would walk away as better advancement professionals who are ready to modernize their work and create top notch donor experiences. If you joined us for RAISE , you are eligible to receive the EverTrue Donor Experience Certification.

To receive the Certification, you’ll have to pass a quick test of your knowledge of modern fundraising techniques. Then, you’ll be prompted to log into your LinkedIn profile to add the EverTrue Donor Experience Certification to your LinkedIn profile under “Licenses and Certifications.” 

If you didn’t join us for RAISE Live, or if you did but maybe once or twice you got caught up in multi-tasking, don’t worry. It’s an open-book test and we’ve given you all the resources you’ll need to pass.

The knowledge you gain and connections you build at conferences are so valuable. But make sure you have something tangible to show for the experience to remind your network (and yourself) of how you just leveled-up in the industry.

No excuses on this one – you owe it to yourself! Document your modern-fundraiser-pro-status with the EverTrue Donor Experience Certification

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