EverTrue & ThankView — We’re merging!


That’s right. Cue the confetti. 

This is cause for a big — neigh (get it? 🦄), a HUMONGOUS — celebration!

EverTrue and ThankView have joined forces to become one team with one purpose. We are here for you to create a personal experience for every donor.

Every alum. Every parent. Every friend. Every supporter. EVERYONE.

Uniting EverTrue and ThankView will improve the donor experience across the board. If you’re a mutual customer, you’ll use the continually updated insights in EverTrue (think: Facebook insights, event engagement, wealth, interest, and career data) to launch completely personalized video campaigns with ThankView’s amazing platform.

We’re already working together to make this a reality.

Customers like Louisiana Tech University and St. Edward’s University have taken Career Moves (human-verified job changes that we deliver every 90 days) and turned them into one-on-one ThankView videos.

This summer, Louisiana Tech sent personalized videos to 530 alumni who had changed jobs or gotten promoted. They saw a 300% increase in engagement among this group of graduates, deepening relationships with the university and opening up new gift conversations with their development officers.

“Alumni engagement is lead generation,” says Brooks Hull, VP for University Advancement and Chief Executive Officer at the Louisiana Tech University Foundation. “This is one of the best ideas I’ve seen in the past year to put the data and technology we have to use to reach more alumni and have more conversations with donors.”

And the possibilities are endless…

Donor Relations teams will continue to use ThankView for 1:1 and 1:many stewardship, but can take it to the next level by using EverTrue to identify individual donor interests and deliver personalized impact stories.

Annual Giving and Alumni Relations teams will use EverTrue’s donor interests and Facebook engagement insights to build highly targeted lists, then use ThankView for interest-driven appeals, event invitations, and video-first communication.

Gift Officers will add video to their outreach and stewardship, delighting donors and booking more meetings. With EverTrue’s ongoing alerts, they’ll know when to contact currently assigned prospects or connect with the best unassigned donors. 

Prospect Researchers will have a new source of engagement — ThankView video views and email opens and clicks — to track and score constituent engagement. Adding in giving or wealth insights will help teams quickly identify new pools of donors in need of qualification or assignment.

Advancement Services teams will use both platforms without building additional integrations or custom data exchanges. The two platforms will talk to each other while also funneling critical data back to the institution’s CRM.

And that’s only the beginning. Our vision is to work together to automate outreach to the right people at the right time.

  • What if you could immediately send a video from your VP, president, or principal to every first-time $5,000 donor?
  • What if the gift officer responsible for Ohio could connect with an unassigned, wealthy, highly engaged donor from Cleveland minutes after they made a $500 gift?
  • What if every volunteer who registered for an event got a personal video thanking them for their support and service?

We want to make all of that possible… and so much more.

We’ve already seen the power of using video to steward and retain donors. Across the EverTrue customer base, donor retention increased as much as 65% for donors who received a ThankView vs. those who didn’t. And, in the last five years, 81.3% of donors who made a gift and received a ThankView gave again.

Together, we’ll help you connect directly with more supporters than ever before, enabling every advancement team to create amazing donor experiences that drive engagement, increase gifts, retain donors, and grow major gift pipeline.

Thank you to everyone who has been part of EverTrue’s journey over the last 11 years and part of ThankView’s for the last six. We are so grateful for your partnership as we begin this next chapter.

I hope you’ll join us for a live Q&A during which JD (ThankView’s CEO) and I talk about what this means for the future of fundraising and engagement. 

It’ll be a party. There will be confetti. And we’ll have some pretty amazing giveaways, too. Sign up here. See you there!


Brent Grinna
CEO and Founder

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