Donor insights meet
donor engagement

EverTrue and ThankView have joined forces to become one team with one purpose. We will help you create amazing personal experiences for every donor… Cue the confetti!


With EverTrue as the “brain” (continually updated Facebook insights, event engagement, wealth, interest, and career data), and ThankView as the “hands” (the leading platform for video outreach), we’re charting a whole new future for fundraising and donor engagement.

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Frequently asked questions

Nothing yet! You’ll still use EverTrue to track engagement, identify new prospects, and build highly-targeted lists for events, appeals, and campaigns.

Our existing ThankView integration will keep pulling insights into EverTrue so you know who’s received a ThankView, if they watched and for how long, and whether they clicked or not.

In the future, we’ve got great things coming. We’ll build new ways to use EverTrue’s continually updated insights (Facebook engagement, wealth, interests, career, event attendance, etc.) to trigger ThankView campaigns, which will allow teams to customize every donor’s journey.

Mutual customers can use Career Moves — human-verified job updates delivered every 90 days — to launch 1:1 and 1:many “congratulations on your new role!” campaigns with ThankView. 

We’re going to automate more of this process so your team can focus on creating deeper relationships at a scale the advancement industry has never seen before.

EverTrue’s Saved Searches are pretty amazing. You can set up a search (for example, any first-time donors who have a household net worth of $5MM+ and gave more than $500) and we’ll notify you anytime someone fits that criteria. 

In the future, we’re going to create simple, automated ways to notify you of the right prospects at the right time AND let you connect with them directly via ThankView.

This is super-automatic, highly personal, donor engagement. Cool, huh?

We’re glad you asked. We wrote a whole blog post about what this means for the industry and how you can make your own work more efficient and impactful.

Brent and JD will answer more of your questions at next week’s Launch Party. Use the form at the top of this page to sign up. We’ll give you answers… and maybe even some fabulous prizes.

We looked at the data and found…

Donor retention increased by as much as 65% when a person receives a ThankView after a gift.

Across the EverTrue customer base, 81.3% of donors who made a gift in the last five years and received a ThankView made another gift.

Yet one out of every three $1,000 donors didn’t receive a personal “thank you.” We’ve got work to do!

Each product will continue to use its respective name (EverTrue and ThankView) and operate under its own brand. 

By combining EverTrue and ThankView, engagement increased by 300%

“As a longtime customer of both companies, this is one of the best partnerships I’ve seen in my career.”

Brooks Hull,
VP for University Advancement, Louisiana Tech

246 personalized videos in three hours resulted in 65% open rate and 9 meetings

“This is a new way to create better relationships with our alumni, connect them back to St. Edward's, and raise more support for the Hilltop.”

Cheri Sullivan,
AVP of Advancement Operations, St. Edward's University

Video insights guide annual fund and major gift outreach

“We're constantly striving to use technology to create more personal touch points with our alumni, families, and friends. Turning fresh data from EverTrue into one-on-one outreach via ThankView makes that easier than ever.”

Aric Walton,
Assistant Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations at Bowdoin College

Reaching more donors in new ways

“This merger is brilliant and on the money for higher ed advancement shops focused on remodeling the ways we meet, engage, and steward our constituents.”

Julie Featherstone,
AVP for Advancement Operations, University of Virginia

Increasing personal donor engagement

“We're charting a new path in advancement by focusing on the individual needs and interests of every donor. This merger will help us respond to alumni at the right time so we can strengthen retention and our major gift pipeline.”

Josh Newton,
SVP Advancement and Alumni Engagement, Emory University