Tips for gift officers: How to be a confident creator

Portfolio Coverage - Tip 1

We recently sat down with Anne Murphy at the Oregon State University Foundation to talk about 100% portfolio coverage: why it’s elusive, why it matters, and how to get there by the end of the year. 

Anne gave us ten easy, effective ways to deepen relationships with every single prospect in your portfolio: the super-engaged ones, the hard-to-reach ones, the inherited ones, the slow-burning ones. 

We’re going to break down these tips one-by-one in this series. If you have EverTrue, we’ll walk you through the how-to for each tip using our platform. If you don’t have EverTrue, these techniques are a lot more manual, but we will suggest some work-arounds.

Because, put simply, reaching 100% of your portfolio is just the right thing to do!

Be a confident creator.

Broad market marketing isn't what inspires our people into action anymore... Providing personalized content at scale is a skill that we're going to need no matter what we do in the future. Content is everything.

Anne’s first tip is no surprise. The alums in your portfolio are busy and across the board, 3 of 4 emails go unread. You’ve got to break through the noise with your assigned prospects by leaning into video, curating personalized content, and becoming really familiar with who in your portfolio would benefit from that content.

1. Use Video

Look… video is where it’s at. In the for-profit world, adding video to your outreach increases responses by 26%. And ThankViews regularly get 3x’s the open rates of marketing emails.

With EverTrue, export a list of everyone in your portfolio, add the list to ThankView, record your videos, and send ’em out! 


And then, with our integration, the videos are automatically logged as an interaction, so you can go back later to see if a prospect opened your ThankView email or watched the video.


Not using EverTrue yet?

Without EverTrue, you can pull a report from your alumni database, record a video to send to those alums, and upload the list into a mail merge. And you can still use ThankView – you’re just not going to have automatic video intel at your fingertips. 

Or request a demo today and learn how to achieve 100% portfolio coverage with EverTrue.

2. Set up automatic alerts for portfolio activity 

If you are really connected with your portfolio (you know who changes jobs, who just made a gift, who just registered for an event), then you can hone in on the content you curate for them.

With EverTrue, saved searches are like a built-in assistant that never misses an update. You can opt to receive daily, weekly, or monthly alerts for: anytime an assigned prospect makes a gift, job changes in your portfolio, anytime one of your prospects signs up for an event, or when an unassigned donor in your region makes a gift of $500 (or $5,000).

Career Moves Notification

Not using EverTrue yet?

You can partner with an amazing support staff member or your advancement services team to build some stellar reports in your alumni database, and run them on a regular basis.

Or request a demo today and learn how to achieve 100% portfolio coverage with EverTrue.

ICYMI: Here’s our full webinar featuring Anne Murphy, Mike Nagel, and Other Mike Nagel. Watch this terrific trio in action:

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