The Data Sync: a TRUE integration with Raiser’s Edge NXT

EverTrue’s new automatic Data Sync brings Raiser’s Edge NXT data into EverTrue nightly.

The makings of a perfect match

Advancement officers like Carlene Johnson from Boston College High School love Raiser’s Edge NXT. She counts on the alumni database as a safe and reliable storage place for historical student, alumni, and giving data, and a deep source of prospect interactions, donor histories, and moves management.

Carlene also loves EverTrue and values its one-click, in-the-moment filtering and list-building, and intuitive interface with alerts for wealth events, career moves, prospect interests, and digital engagement all in one place.

But she didn’t always love the two together. Historically, Raiser’s Edge NXT and EverTrue just couldn’t figure out how to communicate well, leaving both parties disillusioned.

We knew there had to be a better way, too. 

At EverTrue, one of our engineers used to work in advancement at a small independent school that operated on Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT. In his former role, Dave Anchin’s RE NXT/EverTrue experience matched Carlene’s. Dave knew that EverTrue was the right tool to boost the institution’s fundraising, but as Director of Advancement Services, he had felt the frustration of two awesome systems that just couldn’t talk to each other without a whole lot of coaxing. 

After an unplanned but effective recruitment effort (important side story), Dave joined the team of EverTrue engineers that were champing at the bit to facilitate communication between EverTrue and Raiser’s Edge NXT. Dave knew Raiser’s Edge data structures. He understood the value of updated career, wealth, and engagement insights in EverTrue. So he set out to mend the data divide between Raiser’s Edge NXT and EverTrue.

After months of deep data dives into both systems, Dave and our team of engineers built a Data Sync that brings data points from Raiser’s Edge NXT into EverTrue automatically on a nightly basis. Finally, the EverTrue-Raiser’s Edge NXT relationship can reach its full potential, not just for one institution, but for hundreds.

A labor of love

The end result of this labor of love is that we are launching the EverTrue Data Sync, an API-driven data connector for all advancement folks that use Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT Donor Management Software. 

Here’s what it can do:

  • Automatically ingest data from Raiser’s Edge NXT into EverTrue on a nightly basis
  • Eliminate the need for manual exports and file transfers
  • Implement and update Raiser’s Edge NXT data in EverTrue regardless of team bandwidth or technical expertise
  • Allow new customers to start using EverTrue in a matter of hours

Sound too good to be true? Well, before giving any relationship a second chance, it’s good to have a healthy dose of skepticism. As MNSU’s Ann Johnson asked, “You mean that this thing that was going to take me 3-4 months is now going to happen in one click?”

The answer is “yes.” This is a TRUE data sync.

“What we’re talking about here is a true integration. NOT just importing and exporting!”

Carlene Johnson,
Database Administrator, Boston College High School

Since the word got out about the Data Sync, we have been receiving tons more questions from our advancement friends who have long wished for a second shot at the Raiser’s Edge NXT – EverTrue partnership. Catch the below super-quick webinar to hear directly from the Raiser’s Edge NXT-EverTrue “Love Doctor” himself, Dave Anchin. 

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