Evertrue Data Sync

It's kind of a big deal.

We’ve made it really, really simple to onboard EverTrue and keep our platform up-to-date
with the latest giving and constituent information.

Let us do the work

You’ll be up and running in a matter of days with EverTrue’s Data Sync. After a short consultation, you’ll connect to EverTrue via a secure API key. We’ll pull in the data we need, transform it to our data model, and your EverTrue platform will be live in no time. And since we’ll update information nightly via automatic data pulls, you never have to remember to update the EverTrue platform.

Use always-fresh insights

Once your data is in EverTrue, we make the magic happen. We’ll enrich your data with TrueView insights, which include career information, donor interests, and social media profiles. We’ll also connect your constituents to their Facebook profiles, giving you insight into their engagement with your Facebook pages. And you can leverage additional insights with Career Moves, Windfall, ThankView, Eventbrite, and more.

Find your best prospects

EverTrue keeps you on top of current donors and identifies great new prospects. With Saved Searches, you’ll combine your data with EverTrue’s continually refreshed insights and receive notifications when your alumni and prospects engage, give, change jobs, and more.

Export everything

Much of the data EverTrue gathers on your constituents — Career Moves and Windfall’s net worth calculations, for example — can be exported back into your CRM. You can also set up automatic, daily exports of proposal information, contact reports or interactions, and stage moves to keep both EverTrue and your database fresh.

“We need to know who’s out there, we can’t just rely on the handful of folks that we know about. Putting in the work, effort, money, and resources into EverTrue is our top priority.”

Natalee Martin,
Chief Advancement Officer, Seacoast Science Center

“Quite frankly, this is the easiest implementation I’ve seen in my career. And I’ve been in this field for more than 25 years.”

Carlene Johnson,
Database Administrator, Boston College High School

“As easy as you think the EverTrue onboarding process is going to be with the Data Sync, it's going to be even easier.”

Kathryn Jerome,
Advancement Coordinator, Seacoast Science Center

Frequently asked questions

Our custom EverTrue Data Sync for Raiser’s Edge NXT uses Blackbaud’s Sky APIs to extract data from your CRM, transform it, and push it directly into the EverTrue platform. 

When you connect Raiser’s Edge NXT to EverTrue, you no longer have to build and export files to implement or update EverTrue. Instead, we can access all the information you want us to pull over and update your EverTrue platform on a nightly basis – no more manual work to create daily or weekly imports.

The EverTrue Data Sync with Raiser’s Edge NXT minimizes the work a data team needs to do to implement EverTrue. Now, instead of building your data exports and mapping them to EverTrue’s data model, we do all that work for you.

And since we’ll update information nightly via automatic data pulls, you never have to remember to update the EverTrue platform. So sit back, go on vacation, or start a new hobby with all that free time.

​First, we have a consultation call on which we do a screen share and walk you through how to add the Data Sync app to your Raiser’s Edge NXT instance in the Blackbaud Marketplace and authenticate with Blackbaud.

Then, you will fill out an implementation worksheet that provides all of the information we need to set up the Data Sync on the EverTrue back end.

Then, we finalize the back-end platform configurations.

Next, we pull your Raiser’s Edge NXT data and import it into EverTrue.

Finally, we do a data review of your synced EverTrue instance to make sure everything looks good.

And … voila!

There are a few variables to consider: How big is the database? How many data points are we transferring over? Are we doing partial or full data transfers?

But, the quick answer is that the process of setting up the Data Sync takes a matter of hours. The steps involved usually happen over the course of a few days. Our beta customers have reported that implementing the Data Sync took about 4 hours of time, in total.

Once implemented, the daily automatic data exchange usually takes less than an hour, depending on the size of your database and the amount of data being transferred.

It is much more difficult to get data out of Raiser’s Edge NXT and into EverTrue, rather than the other way around.

So, the Data Sync focuses on getting your data out of Raiser’s Edge NXT and into EverTrue.

Nightly. But you can choose to set the data pull to weekly or monthly (we recommend daily updates for maximum data freshness).

Nothing – yet. 

In the future this automatic Data Sync will populate in your EverTrue and ThankView instances. 

There are no additional charges at this time to set up and use the Data Sync.

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