A Story Untold: The Donor Experience Documentary

You know those stories that really get you at your core…they leave you inspired, thinking about life, and feeling validated that the work you do really matters?

We have one of those for you.

We often talk about the numbers behind the Donor Experience (DX) programs, but the reason we launched the DX approach is to prioritize human connectionTo honor the uniqueness of every donor’s story. To help people feel like they can make a lasting impact simply by recognizing and celebrating who they are and what they love.

Every donor has a story. We learned one of those stories from the University of Wyoming. And it moved us so much that we packed up the EverCrew, flew to Laramie, met Lisa Yu ’89, and let her and the UW team tell us about it in their own words. 

This story extends far beyond Lisa’s gift to support her alma mater. It’s a story about how a woman found a safe haven in Laramie, Wyoming after fleeing the Beijing Communist regime in the 1980s. It’s a story of how the UW community supported Lisa during some of the most challenging years of her life, including new motherhood. A story about how she wanted to give back to a place that gave her so much–but wasn’t sure how until she was contacted by DXO Doug Hammond. 

And it’s a story we’re honored to share with you.

Watch the documentary:

More feel-good content:

Ready for some warm and fuzzies? Doug put together a ThankView to thank Lisa for her generosity…but this wasn’t just a message from him. Meet some of the students who Lisa’s generosity has impacted.

It’s safe to say after our journey out west, Laramie holds a special place in our hearts. Take a look at some behind-the-scenes of this life-changing experience.

Feeling inspired? Register for RAISE Roadmap Day on Thursday, August 24 to hear Wyoming break down building and running their Donor Experience program and uncovering amazing stories like this.

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