Gobble Up the Excitement!

Just like a Thanksgiving table loaded with your favorite dishes, we’ve whipped up a smorgasbord of updates to tantalize your taste buds. So, put on your stretchiest pants and get ready to feast your eyes on our latest product offerings. From updates that’ll make you do a happy dance to new features that are sweeter than cranberry sauce, we’ve cooked up some seriously awesome stuff.

Join us in a thankful jig as we dish out the scoop on our newest developments!

Follow-up just got easier

You’re sitting at your computer to write a follow-up note to a donor, staring at the blinking cursor, waiting for something brilliant to come to mind…

Writing a first draft takes a lot of effort, we get it. That’s why we took the hard job of writing emails and harnessed the power of AI to create a more efficient experience. Say hello to AI-generated email drafts! Combining AI with the data in EverTrue, we auto-draft meeting requests, thank-you notes, and stewardship touches and personalize them for each and every donor.

We understand the importance of being genuine in your communications, we know personalization is key. AI-Generated Emails are designed to assist and enhance your efforts, not replace them. You’re in control, and you should always add your personal touch to every message.

Whether at your desk or on the go, we’ve got your first drafts covered!

We’re ready when you are!
We know every team is crafting its own policy when it comes to generative AI. With that in mind, we only turn on this feature for you when you let us know you’re ready. If you are new to our AI features, contact your EverTrue Customer Success Manager or genius@evertrue.com and we’ll get you up and running.

One-to-One Videos made easy

We’re sure you agree that your communication should be fun, engaging, and oh-so-personal. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to ThankView 1:1 Video! We’re taking personalized communication a step further, empowering you to send one video to one donor at a time. 

Imagine you’ve just finished a great phone call with a donor and want to send a quick thank-you. Handwritten notes and follow up emails are a nice touch, but why not send a quick ThankView to personally connect? Or, maybe you received a generous gift and want to get out on campus and show that donor the impact of their gift. 

“I am so extremely grateful for mobile 1:1 ThankView. I used it all week and it worked effortlessly. It made my life so much easier.”

Danielle Locken, Assistant Director of Donor Experience
Texas Woman’s University

At your desk or on-the-go ThankView 1:1 video is the fastest way to craft a personalized message for any occasion. Create the video and easily drop it into an email. You can add text alongside the video, or don’t, it’s all up to you! You (and your donors 😉) are going to love it.

Want to know who’s watching? We thought so! 1:1 video metrics will give you the lowdown on who’s clicking and watching your videos, and help you prioritize future follow-up. 

Take your outreach to a whole new level. Get started with ThankView 1:1 Video and let your creativity shine!

Career Moves Update

Just like the regular career updates you get, we want to continually update you on what’s new with your files so you can get the most out of the information you receive each month.

We are excited to introduce a new file export that contains only new career information. This new file, Career Moves (New Updates), includes constituents with changes to their career data in the past month. You can access it in the Export Data tab of your account’s Settings page.

This file introduces a new column titled “Change Status” which contains field values that identify the specific update applied to each constituent. The field values within this column are:

  • New: Indicates the first appearance of the constituent’s record in our Career Moves screening.
  • Update: Indicates a constituent that has been previously captured in Career Moves files but has since experienced changes to their record, such as a recent job switch or a new confidence match rating.
  • Delete: Indicates a constituent who was previously present in Career Moves files but was omitted from our most recent update. We advise examining constituents labeled with this status and, when necessary, removing prior updates from your CRM to maintain data accuracy.

We hope this new file will help you quickly find the information you need to celebrate your donors and stay up to date on any changes. To learn more about these updates and get started with these new files please visit our help center.

Upcoming Product Trainings

Webinar Watch

Did you see our webinar on 11/9 when we went live with Stephen Sullivan and Rachel Bay from Baylor to talk about AI and Gift Officers? With no shortage of donors to engage at Baylor, they’re focused on creating the right strategies and finding the right tools to make their work more efficient and effective using AI.

With a proven track record of donor engagement and an increase in leadership annual gift revenue by more than 400%, I think you’ll want to take a peek at what was shared. Check it out!

Customer Corner

You all are at the heart of the work we do every day. You are working hard to change lives and we love to highlight the great work you’re doing. 

This month we’re giving a shout-out to our friends at Bentley, who used existing campus video footage to create personalized videos via ThankView for first-time donors, achieving an impressive 85% open rate. And they were the recipient of a CASE Circle of Excellence Award for outstanding work in advancement. Here’s how they did it!

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