AI and Gift Officers

Tools and outreach strategies to make the most of your portfolio

Stephen Sullivan

Director of Leadership Annual Giving
Baylor University

Rachel Bay

Assistant Director of Leadership Annual Giving
Baylor University

The Baylor University team has a proven track record in donor engagement: in two fiscal years, they increased donor contact by nearly 275% and increased leadership annual gift revenue by more than 400%!

With no shortage of donors to engage, they’re focused on creating the right strategies and finding the right tools to make their work more efficient and effective. Enter: Artificial Intelligence.

Tune in to hear:

  • How AI can be a powerful ally in your daily tasks, from crafting outreach messaging to drafting prospect summaries
  • ChatGPT prompts and features they find most helpful in their work, and how you can leverage them effectively
  • Stephen and Rachel’s thoughts on how AI is shaping the future of fundraising, and what it means for your organization.

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