EverTrue Wrapped 2023: Top EverTrue Studios Episodes

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As we bid farewell to 2023, join us in revisiting the year’s most captivating discussions hosted on EverTrue Studios that had listeners hitting repeat!

Whether you’re an avid EverTrue Studios fan or a first-time listener, this curated collection promises to fuel your excitement and leave you inspired to tackle 2024.

Have a listen, let us know what you think, and be on the lookout for fresh episodes in the new year!


Talking Shop: Episode 4, Zombie Proposals

On this episode, co-hosts David Lively and Erin Moran talk about proposals that may give the appearance of being alive, but are actually lifeless and refuse to die. Tune in to learn about zombie proposals: how to spot one and what to do when you realize you've got one in your portfolio.

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RAISE Podcast: Ep. 163, feat. Eloise Dunn Brice, University of Houston

EverTrue CEO Brent Grinna chats with Eloise Dunn Brice, Vice Chancellor for Advancement and Alumni at the University of Houston.

Eloise shares highlights of her journey through some of the top advancement shops across the country, and her take on questions like: For a fundraiser, what makes an ideal day? What makes an ideal donor? What makes an ideal volunteer?

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TrueTalk: Annual Giving's Seat at the Table with Megan Rajski, Fairfield University

Annual Giving professionals are the lead generators who fuel prospect pipeline and make big fundraising goals attainable. On this episode of TrueTalk, Megan Rajski and Hannah Davis explore what keeps annual giving professionals up at night, the annual giving wishlist, and why annual giving folks always deserve a seat at the table.

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DXbyET: Ep. 9, Tips for structuring the fundraiser workweek, with Abby Simmerman, UVA

On this episode, host Anthony Munoz chats with Abby Simmerman, Donor Experience Officer at the University of Virginia. Abby builds personal relationships with an average of 50 new prospects each week and about 1,000 prospects each year – a level of outreach activity that has earned her the spot of one of the most active and productive DXOs in the country. She shares tips for structuring her workday to maximize efficiency. Tune in for stealable ways to make your weeks more productive and enjoyable.

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The Development Debrief: Ep. 118, Laurel Richie and Bob Lasher: The Inside Story of Dartmouth's $3.5 Billion Campaign

On this episode, Kathryn Van Sickle hosts Bob Lasher and Laurel Richie from Dartmouth College to dive into the dynamic between Chief Development Officers and the Board Chairs. How do they talk to one another? Who ultimately makes the call? They discuss wins, stalls, pain points, and women in philanthropy all during a multi-billion dollar campaign.

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Mentorship Matters: Ep. 28, Engaging online degree recipients, feat. Matthew Winston, Binghamton University

Nearly 3 million students attended college completely online in 2022. That's about 15% of all college students. (Source: Best Colleges) So, there's a new constituency of alumni: graduates who have never set foot on campus. How are you connecting with them? Which engagement opportunities are you presenting to them? How are you tapping into their experience, affinity, and desire to be a part of the alumni family? On this episode of Mentorship Matters, host Kim Nyoni chats with Matthew Winston, Chief Alumni Engagement Officer at Binghamton University, about how our industry can do a better job of including the graduates who have never set foot on campus.

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