Why we’re all here: Who’s your Wesley?

“Wesley changed my whole outlook on philanthropy. He’s really the reason why I’m here. He’s given me a different outlook on what this all means and what this all is. The opportunity to build a long lasting relationship.”

It’s officially the season of giving. 

Good, jolly, generous vibes abound. But, the year-end sprint, holiday hustle, and endless to-do lists can also leave us feeling overwhelmed and underwater.

At EverTrue, we’ve have been deep in the magical madness of merging with ThankView (!!!) while also working through our own lists of projects and people that need some TLC before the end of the year. 

To take a breath from the busyness of it all, our EverCrew team revisited the magic of RAISE: The Donor Experience Documentary.

If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a 7-minute video about the relationship between a new fundraiser, Jahari, and a new donor, Wesley. It’s really worth the watch. (Or re-watch.)

This is a story about the important work that advancement folks do every day to break through the noise and remind every alum that they matter. It’s a story about human connection. About how one person can make a difference. About philanthropy and love.

So, as we come into the season of giving, we have been asking each other and our EverTrue friends to reflect on who YOUR Wesley is

Who is someone along the way who has helped you see past the grind of the day-to-day? When the to-do list is too long and the nitty-gritty is weighing on you, who is someone who makes you feel purposeful and inspired by your work?

We’re asking for quick video replies about YOUR Wesley. Maybe it’s a donor, a mentor, a colleague, a boss, or a friend or family member. Over the next few weeks, we’re going to give shoutouts to the folks who help to remind us why we’re all here. 

Happy season of giving, and cheers to our “Wesleys!”

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