Create genuine connections and incredible
donor experiences

We took traditional one-to-one fundraising and stripped out every inefficiency. DXOs focus exclusively on building relationships with 1,000 or more donors, closing and stewarding gifts, and identifying new major gift leads. (Learn more about Donor Experience Officers)


Seeing the ROI

“All of us need to expand our reach. We need to talk to more people and engage them in what’s happening at the institution.”


Debunking the Myth

“The EverTrue cadence really is a guiding pathway. It relies on what we know works.”


Joining a Community

“They get to learn from donor experience programs across the country.”

Going all in

“One year later, we’ve come full circle all the way from our student program to our professional fundraisers.”

Day in the life

“It’s learning about what impact they want to make and how I can improve their experience as a donor.”

Spoiler Alert

It works. But, don't just take our word for it...

“Since we launched with EverTrue, we’ve interacted with thousands of donors in meaningful, personal ways.”

- Tyrell Warren-Burnett, Oregon State University

“Being part of the EverTrue DX community has allowed us to move a lot faster, ideate with industry partners, and stay focused on reaching our goals.”

- Dr. Nick Linde, University of Nebraska Foundation

“The beauty is that now fundraisers can be as creative as they want to be.”

- Stephanie Froehlich, Kansas State University Foundation

“This is the right approach. Donors are responding to DXOs and saying, ‘Thank you!”

- Amanda Trabue, Western Kentucky University

“We reached more people in 3 months than we did in the last year. This is the future of leadership and major gifts fundraising.”

- Brooks Hull, Louisiana Tech University

“We can build those 1-1 relationships and get people reconnected back to the institution and connected in more meaningful ways”

- Elizabeth Chapman, Emory University