How to turn Career Moves into ThankViews

Recently, EverTrue and ThankView merged to become one company with one purpose: to help you create amazing personal experiences for every donor.

Uniting EverTrue and ThankView will improve the donor experience across the board. Our first stop on this joint journey? Tracking and celebrating your alumni Career Moves.

So, what are Career Moves by EverTrue?

Well, in a world…

  • where data lays untapped and stale
  • where alumni hear from their alma maters through fiscal year-end appeals and phonathon calls during dinnertime
  • where >12% of alums change jobs every year
  • and 98% of those job changes are missed

EverTrue and ThankView had the audacity to dream up an easy, replicable, automatic process to give institutions career move updates every 90-days, and turn those job changes into a simple one-to-one and one-to-many “congrats!” videos in ThankView. 

In EverTrue, our proprietary TrueView insights detect likely job changers. We handle all the data transcription and constituent matching work, and then provide downloadable job change data every quarter that our customers can also access directly in EverTrue.

The advancement team at West Point Association of Graduates was an early partner using EverTrue’s career updates. They used Career Moves in 9 creative ways across their team, and saw great early results.

“We cannot function without employment information, but it’s also the hardest data to keep up to date.

It’s clean, verified, manageable data – all in one place – that’s easy to get back into our database. It allows us to immediately take action.”

Jessica Kuhlman,
Senior Director of Donor Strategy and Analytics, West Point Association of Graduates

Upleveling with ThankView

It’s no secret: video works.

Advancement folks who use ThankView see open rates 3X the industry average, up to a 15% increase in donor retention, and up to a 74% lift in donations.

Now that EverTrue and ThankView are one, as a joint customer, you can pair your Career Moves data from EverTrue with the power of video and drive immediate alumni engagement. 

Every quarter, you’ll receive a data file of job changes for your entire alumni base. A ThankView campaign will be created and ready for you to upload a “Congrats!” video and send it out to your job changers. 

And then, boom! Surprise and delight. It’s actually that easy. (And, it’s just the right thing to do.)

It’s usually not until we see “Executive” or “President” or “CEO” that an alma mater picks up the phone and says, ‘Hey, you’re important to us.' And [Career Moves] totally eliminates that... It lets us show that we’re proud of our alumni and we value them — before we ever value them as a donor.


How to turn Career Moves into ThankViews

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