Announcing ETSPN: the EverTrue Studios Podcast Network

EverTrue Studios Podcast Network

We’re bringing together the most authentic and knowledgeable voices in fundraising in one place on the EverTrue Studios Podcast Network. 

EverTrue Studios is the media hub for advancement, serving up free, on-demand series, films, and podcasts, all created with fundraisers in mind.

And now, EverTrue Studios subscribers will have access to the EverTrue Studios Podcast Network. Here’s how the ETSPN came to be.

First, we launched a podcast of our own - the RAISE Podcast.

On the RAISE Pod, our CEO Brent Grinna has hosted over 120 Advancement Greats and counting. 

Over the years, we’ve heard incredible stories from guests like American’s Courtney Surls, CalTech’s Dexter Bailey, Harvard’s Armin Afsahi, UVA’s Mark Luellen, and IU’s Curt Simic, and many more. 

And along the way, we realized that podcasting is a perfect way to elevate the advancement profession and share stories about the power of philanthropy, education, and mentorship. 

Then, we grew.

We’ve been busy in recent months. We merged with ThankView last October, we acquired The Solas Group in February, and just a few weeks ago we acquired Pledgemine.

With this growth, we’ve entered a new phase of EverTrue in which we have both the resources and the reach to highlight and amplify more voices in the advancement space, and share even more stories about the how philanthropy changes lives.

So, we mined the podcast troves seeking advancement’s entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. The best bootstrappers in the industry. The innovative community builders. The one-person content machines who live and breathe fundraising and have so much to teach us.

We found 'em. And now, we're launching the EverTrue Studios Podcast Network (ETSPN).


The first podcast that we’re welcoming to the ETSPN is the Development Debrief podcast, hosted by Kathryn Van Sickle

Kathryn is passionate fundraiser, community builder, and storyteller who has been honing her fundraising skills for over a decade. The Development Debrief is a stories-based podcast that features donors, thought leaders, and professionals in the field of fundraising.

We’ve had our eyes on her podcast for a while – the Development Debrief just hit the 100 episode milestone – and we are so thrilled to bring her on to the ETSPN.

And there are more brilliant voices joining the EverTrue Studios Podcast Network in the near future.

Later this summer, we’ll welcome the Talking Shop podcast, featuring David Lively and Erin Moran, to the ETSPN. Get ready for an advancement operations nerd and a big-ideas major gifts guy to debate the hottest topics in advancement. 

And coming this fall, Kim Nyoni will make his podcasting debut on the ETSPN. Kim’s podcast, Mentorship Matters, will examine the current and future landscape of fundraising leaders and the power of inclusive mentorship in advancement. 

Hold on to your headphones, because the EverTrue Studios Podcast Network is bringing you on-demand insights from advancement’s top entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, all in one place.

Whether you’ve got two hours or ten minutes, tune in, get inspired, and raise better at

It's official. Read the ETSPN press release.

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