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Big news: Pledgemine is joining the EverTrue family! Customers can identify donor segments based on EverTrue’s data insights and generate personalized messages through video, email, text, and now direct mail. Join us for a webinar on July 12 to learn all about it!

Upcoming Webinar: Personalization Across Channels

Curious how to create a targeted fundraising campaign across all of your channels – from video, email, and text to direct mail?

Join Brent Grinna, CEO of EverTrue, and Todd Moxley, Managing Partner at Pledgemine, as they walk through weaving donor segmentation, digital outreach, and direct mail together. You’ll learn how to identify your best prospects based on wealth, census, career, and interaction data to create a unified donor experience.

Join us live July 12 @ 1pm ET

Reach donors in the right place, at the right time

Pledgemine provides cutting-edge ideas, inspiration, and high-quality communication solutions to facilitate donor engagement and loyalty. Their robust on-demand ordering and segmentation software empowers fundraising departments to connect faster and smarter with their audience.

Why Pledgemine and EverTrue?

Pledgemine’s production efficiency and automation from concept to mailbox adds another channel to EverTrue’s growing outreach toolset. This integration of communication solutions tied to robust donor profiles streamlines multi-touchpoint campaigns, creates a unified donor experience, and provides universal performance analytics that save fundraising teams time.

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Insights to power your next campaign

Frequently asked questions

EverTrue’s software, data, and services empower higher education and independent school advancement teams to create personalized experiences for donors. Hundreds of teams use EverTrue’s network of social and demographic data sources and modern, mobile-first software to reach more donors and increase fundraising.

Pledgemine provides marketing segmentation, relevant messaging and quick turnaround to deliver highly successful, personalized direct mail appeals and campaigns.

We believe in empowering our fundraisers to build relationships, inspire generosity and improve lives which is enhanced by providing robust omnichannel solutions to reach their constituents in whatever way they prefer to be connected with.

Your existing contracts will not be affected. The only thing that will change is that you will now have the opportunity to add-on EverTrue solutions to empower your fundraising efforts.

As EverTrue continues our mission to innovate and integrate industry-leading technology, you can look forward to an expanded suite of product and services offerings that support you.

Well, we should fix that, shouldn’t we? Request an EverTrue demo and learn more about how to empower you fundraising efforts across the entire giving pyramid.

“I couldn’t be more excited to hear that Pledgemine is joining the EverTrue family. When I think about Pledgemine I think about efficiency and ease of use, and EverTrue has allowed my colleagues and I to work smarter and dig deeper in our development work - with these two combined the sky is the limit!”

Dana Suther,
Kansas State University Foundation

It’s official. Read the press release.

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