EverTrue’s summertime product update

EverTrue Product Update for August 2020

We’re recapping the latest and greatest of what’s new to EverTrue. Our product and engineering teams are working crazy hard from their home offices to make sure every advancement team has what it needs to reach, retain, and grow more donors.

Spin through all the updates — we’ll keep ‘em pithy and witty — or jump to a section.

Relationship Management (for gift officers) | The EverTrue Platform (for everyone)

Volunteer Management (for peer-to-peer fundraising) | EverTrue Premier (brand new!)


Relationship Management


For Fundraisers
Launchpad is a new home base in EverTrue and an intelligent guide for gift officers.

It keeps fundraisers on top of goals by tracking interactions, proposals, gifts, and more.

Launchpad also launches (get it?) meaningful activity by telling you which prospect needs an email, call, or visit. It shows you who has lingered in a stage for too long. And it helps you keep tabs on future meetings.

Make Launchpad your first stop every morning and you’ll know exactly what you need to do that day to stay close to every prospect in your portfolio.

Launchpad by EverTrue

For Teams
Launchpad also gives every team a view of combined performance against goals. In one quick look, you’ll know exactly how each team is doing as they make visits, submit proposals, and close gifts.

Launchpad for Teams

Other Relationship Management upgrades

Not long ago, we completely overhauled Relationship Management. And we didn’t just stop there.

We’re giving fundraisers the easiest way to manage their portfolios, build proposals, and close gifts.

Portfolio Filtering
Look, you’ve got a lot of prospects. The average gift officer manages around 150 relationships.

So we now let you filter your portfolio by name, assignment title, or key prospects (more on that below) to quickly find the people you’re looking for.

Portfolio filters in EverTrue

Key Relationships
You can now flag a prospect in your portfolio to keep those superstar prospects top-of-mind, identify the donors who need a solicitation plan, or prompt follow-up.

Just click the star-shaped icon on that person’s “card” in your portfolio. You can then use the filters to see all of your Key Relationships.

The EverTrue Platform

Zoom & Virtual Visits

You’ve been on Zoom about a bazillion times this year.

All of your prospects are in the same video chat boat.

With our new Zoom integration, you can book a Zoom meeting in one click and launch it right from EverTrue. 

It’s all part of Trips & Meetings, which everyone can now use to schedule donor conversations, virtual visits using Google Meet, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or any other video chat platform, and easily track one-on-one conversations. 


You know and love our TrueView profiles, right? They’re advancement’s first continually updated constituent profile with engagement insights, wealth indicators, career information, donor interests, and more.

TrueView helps you find new prospects, understand what they care about most, and build better relationships.

And we’ve made it even better.

Career Moves
We’ve introduced a new add-on: Career Moves. These are human-verified job changes that we deliver automatically every 90 days.

98% of these updates are not in your database… but they could be! Learn more.

We’ll tell you who’s been promoted (and is now a major gift prospect), who’s moved (and needs a welcome note), and who’s changed industries each quarter.

Updated Location Filter
Some of the best EverTrue searches are location-based. We’ve upgraded the location filter and we’re including new, enriched information. If we’ve tracked someone moving across the country or taking a job in a new city, you can find those people in seconds. Just use the “EverTrue Enriched Metro Area” filter to build better lists for prospecting, events, and more.

Enriched Metro Filter

Remove Enriched Data
We love giving you continually refreshed data.

And while we do our best to send through only the most accurate data, occasionally you may spot something that doesn’t look right.

You can now remove any incorrect profile pictures, social links, or career information.

It’s easy. Just click the little “edit” pencil in the Enrichment section of a TrueView profile.

Edit Enriched Data in EverTrue

ThankView Integration

People are singing about our latest integration. Seriously. There’s a video and everything.

It’s all because we’ve added video insights to our TrueView profiles.

Through our new integration, you can send video analytics straight from ThankView to EverTrue, letting fundraisers see the videos donors have received and know if they’ve watched, shared, downloaded, or replied to your messages. Learn more.

Little Changes, Big Impact

Sometimes, the smallest things make a big difference.

We’ve added new options for editing the columns you see on the Browse tab in EverTrue. You can drag and drop columns and add new, sortable information to help you narrow down to the right list of people for your next email, appeal, or campaign. 

Edit column view in EverTrue


Volunteer Management

Three ways to help your volunteers
First, we’re letting you set up Key Relationships for your volunteers. It’s an indicator you can toggle on or off to help your volunteers prioritize outreach or flag someone for follow-up.

Key Prospects in Volunteer by EverTrue

Second, now that we’re all mostly remote, volunteers are doing a LOT of Zoom calls and Google Hangouts. They can log all these video chats as Virtual Visits so you can track their activity and see what’s working best.

Third, we added a recurring gift flag on profiles in Volunteer by EverTrue. It makes it easy for volunteers to see who has a recurring gift so they can thank and steward those consistent donors.

Recurring gift flag in Volunteer by EverTrue



EverTrue Premier

We’ve introduced a brand new level of partnership — and the first advancement program of its kind.

We’re building Donor Experience Officer programs that let fully digital fundraisers build personal relationships with thousands of donors, giving them a great experience and helping your team grow donor retention and build major gift pipeline.

This approach lets you double the number of managed prospects, retain key donors, and delight your next best prospects.

Learn more.

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