Tips for gift officers: How to be more organized

Portfolio Coverage - tip 3

We recently sat down with Anne Murphy at the Oregon State University Foundation about 100% portfolio coverage: why it’s elusive, why it matters, and how to get there by the end of the year. 

Anne gave us ten easy, effective ways to deepen relationships with every single prospect in your portfolio: the super-engaged ones, the hard-to-reach ones, the inherited ones, the slow-burning ones. 

So far in this series, we’ve covered what you should talk to your prospects about (and when), and how to be a confident creator.

This week, we’re talking about how to get and stay organized. With a big portfolio and big number goals, time is of the essence, and there are two easy ways to make the most of your week: Lean into noteworthy occasions, and rely on your teammates!

1. Celebrate big occasions.

Pre-schedule touchpoints around big occasions like job changes, birthdays, and gift anniversaries.

With EverTrue,  you can filter by everyone in portfolio who gave in a certain month. And then you can schedule an email three days before their gift anniversary asking them to renew.

You can also receive automatic alerts about alumni job changes with Career Moves, and celebrate them by sending quarterly “congrats!” videos.

And then, with our Career Moves to ThankView integration, the videos are automatically logged as an interaction, so you can go back later to see if a prospect opened your email or watched the video.


Just put time aside for creating video content. At first, put aside two hours, just to be nice to yourself. Setting aside time for the creative component gives you a lot of freedom.

Not using EverTrue yet?

Without EverTrue, you can celebrate gift anniversaries by pulling a report from your alumni database with gift date criteria. To track job changes, you’ll have to do a lot of
LinkedIn sleuthing.

Or request a demo today and learn how to achieve 100% portfolio coverage with EverTrue.

2. Make it a team effort

Gift officers are the orchestra directors, not the solo violinists. Teamwork makes the dream work!

With EverTrue, you can collaborate with colleagues right in the platform. Build virtual or in-person trips by adding co-collaborators (think: a gift officer colleague or your admin support). Then, you and your colleague have all the information about the prospects in that trip in one place, and you both can add contact reports directly from that trip. Pretty cool. 

Contact Report tagging

You can also tag colleagues (or they can tag you) right in contact reports. So, if you’re a centrally-based gift officer and you just met with a prospect from the law school, you can @ your law school development partner so that they get an alert and insight about your recent meeting with the prospect. One less email in the inbox!

Not using EverTrue yet?

Without EverTrue, you’ll have to try to break through the too-busy email and voicemail inboxes of your colleagues to build a plan for trips or catch them up on important details after a prospect meeting.

Or request a demo today and learn how to achieve 100% portfolio coverage with EverTrue.

ICYMI: Here’s our full webinar featuring Anne Murphy, Mike Nagel, and Other Mike Nagel. Watch this terrific trio in action:

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