EverTrue Wrapped 2023: Our Top Webinars

If you know EverTrue, you know we love a good webinar. And by the looks of things – you do, too!  As part of EverTrue Wrapped 2023, we pulled together the most-watched webinars from this past year.

From conversations on how AI is changing advancement; to how we can rethink annual giving to be a true source of lead generation; to our announcement that we’re creating the first-ever Donor Experience Platform  – there’s no shortage of content to help you reflect back on 2023 and spark inspiration for 2024.

Take a look, share these with your teams, and let us know what you think!

Signal by EverTrue

AI, Fundraising, and the Future of EverTrue

On this webinar, we looked back at some of the revolutionary features and product updates we released this year and unveiled how we’re using AI to propel meaningful 1:1 connections — guiding fundraisers and creating the ultimate donor experience.

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10 Ways AI Will Change Advancement

More than 1,000 advancement professionals signed up for this session! EverTrue CEO Brent Grinna and the University of Chicago's Armin Afsahi delve into the transformative impact of AI on fundraising, drawing parallels from the for-profit sector's successful adoption. They emphasize AI's potential to optimize efficiency, streamline donor engagement, reduce costs, and provide real-time insights for more informed decision-making in the realm of higher education advancement.

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How TCU Turned Student Callers into Campus Creators

The team at Texas Christian University joined us to share how they swapped out their phonathon for a student-led lead-gen engine by turning their best student ambassadors into (paid!) Campus Creators. They covered how they are building a consistent calendar of personalized video content, delighting thousands more donors with 1:1, cadenced outreach from students, and fueling major gift pipeline.

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Annual giving = lead-gen

Annual Giving = Lead Generation

In this big-picture discussion on the future of annual giving, we discussed the University of Nebraska Foundation's efforts to engage their highest-potential, unassigned donors through their Donor Experience Program, which led to 100% coverage of 2,300 households, 500+ meetings, a 12-point increase in retention, and $3.1 million in new gifts and pipeline funds in its first year. And we dug into the shifts UC Berkeley is making to push more annual giving prospects up the pyramid into leadership and major gift portfolios.

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Using tech to get more donors on the map

Using tech to get more donors on the map featuring Baylor University

Since establishing a leadership annual giving team in 2018, Baylor University has nearly tripled interactions, increasing donor contact by almost 275%, uncovered numerous major gifts from previously unengaged donors, and increased leadership level gift revenue by more than 400%. Stephen Sullivan and Sarah Kathryn Ricci from the Baylor team joined us to share exactly how they're doing it!

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