September webinars

We love getting our star customers on camera to celebrate their best wins, share tips and tricks, and announce amazing new features.

Join leaders from Brandeis and Cornell as they talk about how they are using digital and physical channels to foster engagement – and how they’re actionably growing long-term gifts from those constituents. From first-gift to relationships that last, find out how to create a donor experience that truly grows your pipeline. Watch the recording.

Learn how to unite fund accounting, internal report creation, external report delivery, and personalized outreach to create an end-to-end stewardship cycle that saves your team time and delights your donors. Watch the recording.

We have gathered some of the best tips and tricks in the trade from DXOs – strategies that actually work to reengage alums and help them fall in love again with their alma maters. Watch the recording.

Take a deep dive into how gift officers can adapt to a changing landscape post-pandemic. From getting on the road to getting on video, learn how to create a prospect engagement strategy that works. Watch the recording.

More leads! More prospects! But, how? In this session, we’ll talk to experts to get their tips for finding prospects hiding in plain site by tapping into data sources that reveal interests, affinity, and capacity in real-time. Register here.

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