Annual Giving

Activate your
donor base

It’s more important than ever to activate your donor base through the annual fund. Done right, it’s the foundation of a healthy, growing, and sustainable fundraising system that will keep the whole organization on track for years to come. Let’s do it right together with annual fund giving and fundraising software.

Features for Annual Giving

Personalize every appeal with interest-driven segmentation

Make personalization the priority

One-size-fits-all email blasts aren’t getting it done anymore. But with access to TrueView, segmentation has never been simpler, making it incredibly easy to create and target outreach based on donor interests, engagement, giving history, and more.

Simple segmentation for all

Take charge of list-building and personas. With more than 80 powerful filters at your fingertips, you’ll create the right segments for every appeal, every time.

Build and run digital fundraiser programs

Drive completely personalized, high-volume donor engagement and annual giving programs with EverTrue Premier — software and hands-on management for Donor Experience Officers. Your DXOs will manage 1,000 or more prospects and deliver personal experiences to every single one.

Ready to Unlock the Potential of Your Entire Donor Pyramid?