On-Demand Digital Endowment Reporting

Craft compelling video experiences, combining personalized outreach with state-of-the-art integration, designed to delight donors and boost engagement. Elevate your donor relations by merging insights with impactful video content.

What’s included with ODDER?

A Dedicated
Support Team

With ODDER, you are supported by a team of reporting professionals who are with you every step of the way. Our digital endowment reporting professionals are here to help you with report creation, data work, design work, and more.

Insightful Analytics

ODDER, digital endowment reporting software, provides robust metrics on your reports so you can make strategic decisions for your organization’s reporting goals.

Hassle-Free Access to Your Reports

Do you need another login and password to remember or store? Us either! ODDER provides your donors with direct, secure links to their reports.


“ODDER is the product we always knew we needed to provide beautiful digital reports. We’re delighted to be providing endowment information efficiently to our donors so we can move on to other stewardship. ODDER makes us look good, and we love that!”

Barbara Casey

Director, Donor Engagement

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