Alumni Relations

It’s all about engaging alumni

Everything starts with engagement. And EverTrue is the only platform that lets teams identify and track Facebook interactions while also delivering new career info, event management, and next-level segmentation.

Find your superfans to score engagement, blow away attendance goals, and manage volunteers and social ambassadors

See it all

A comprehensive strategy requires the complete picture of every constituent. With our constantly updated TrueView profiles, you’ll see everything in one place. And we mean everything: Facebook engagement, event attendance, career progress, interests, giving and more.

Track engagement like never before

With the advancement industry’s first and only Facebook integration, you can see your most engaged alumni, track interactions by Facebook pages and posts, and create dynamic engagement scores.

Know more about your alumni

With TrueView insights, we’re giving you more information about your alumni. Tap into up-to-date career information and job changes, dig into constituent interests for next-level segmentation, and use social media profiles to ID new ambassadors and volunteers.

Personalize every email

We make list-building easy. With more than 80 filters at your fingertips, EverTrue makes it simple to segment, target, and reach alumni with messages that speak directly to their interests.

Integrations bring together all your software

EverTrue syncs seamlessly with the best tech partners around to make life easy. We connect with Eventbrite, Emma, Graduway, Thankview, and Hustle so you can do more while juggling less.

You put in a ton of work to engage your alumni

Now, understand exactly how your work makes an impact. Connect digital engagement of individual prospects and donors to your content to track impact and ROI. With knowledge of the exact impact of your effort, you can use the results to inform your future strategy.

Features for Alumni Relations