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Engage Alumni the Modern Way

EverTrue lets alumni relations teams measure and score engagement, build strong relationships and add value to the graduate experience.
Break free from all-in-one solutions using EverTrue’s unique integrations with Facebook, Eventbrite, Graduway, Emma, and more. Use the best tools to work faster and have a clear view into the interests and engagement of every alum.


  • Unlock the complete picture of every constituent
  • Drive engagement that generates action
  • Track interactions, prove ROI
  • Enjoy modern and mobile event planning tools
  • Recruit volunteers and career mentors
  • Use best-in-class integrations

Get the Complete Picture

With EverTrue, you’ll understand your alumni and their interests, career trajectories, engagement, and more.

Track & Score Engagement

You work hard to engage alumni and families. EverTrue’s connection to Facebook and other sources lets you quickly measure engagement and showcase the impact of your in-person and digital efforts.

Use the Best Tools

We integrate with Facebook to connect social media to your work. Our Eventbrite integration unlocks access to modern event management. Our integration with Graduway turns connected alumni into potential volunteers and new donors. Use Emma to create beautiful, targeted emails. And more!

Reach the Right People

With 80+ filters, EverTrue makes it simple to personalize outreach, create interest-based events, reach disconnected alumni, recruit your most engaged graduates as volunteers, and more.

Trusted by Alumni Relations teams — large and small — across the country

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