Prospect Research

More information, more prospects

EverTrue gives donor and fundraising prospect researchers more information than they’ve ever had by bringing together always-fresh insights from social media and prospects’ digital footprint. Save searches to automatically find, qualify, and refer new major gift prospects.

Tap into streams of always-fresh insights to find your next, best major gift prospects

Discover hidden prospects

Engagement scores, social activity, wealth information, career data, interests and more make up our always-fresh TrueView profiles. Get never-before-seen insights into the donors hiding in plain sight.

Uncover wealth indicators

Net worth calculations, home values, median incomes, wealthy neighborhoods, and more are available within seconds with our donor and fundraising prospect research software.

Get accurate, timely career data

Most institutions only update career information reactively on a one-off basis. With Career Moves you’ll get job change updates every month, so you can stay in touch with alumni as they shift careers and move across the world.

Automate discovery to make your life easier

Set up notifications and alerts for searches that run continually, so you’ll know when new prospects pop up without having to wade through the same data day in and day out.

Understand the likes

Engaged alums are waiting to hear from you. Discover exactly what excites your potential donors and refer them to gift officers who are raising money for those priorities.

Simplify prospect development

Drop prospects into gift officer portfolios and create qualification pools in seconds. Use our prospect research software to track time in stage, proposals, and pipeline and, finally, leverage the full power of contact reports online.

Features for Prospect Research

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