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We enjoyed seeing you all at AGB 2023 in San Antonio! In case you miss our session with the University of Wyoming Foundation, we’re sharing that and more. Learn how they replaced their phonathon with a Donor Experience Program by EverTrue resulting in 6x gift revenue in year one. 

Download the Wyoming presentation and other resources:

Here's a sneak peek of our session with Wyoming...


John Stark, President and CEO of the University of Wyoming Foundation, talks about the success of the first year of UW’s Donor Experience Program.


Mary Shafer-Maliki, Chair of the Board of the Wyoming Foundation, shares how the Foundation board decided to support an EverTrue partnership.


John Stark, President and CEO of the University of Wyoming Foundation, talks about how the Foundation tripled prospects under management.

More Resources:

Documentary Film:
A Story Untold

Fireside Chat: Donor Experience at UW

Case study: University of Wyoming

Hear from your peers who are all in with EverTrue:

“Since we launched with EverTrue, we’ve interacted with thousands of donors in meaningful, personal ways.”

- Tyrell Warren-Burnett, Oregon State University

“Being part of the EverTrue DX community has allowed us to move a lot faster, ideate with industry partners, and stay focused on reaching our goals.”

- Dr. Nick Linde, University of Nebraska Foundation

“The beauty is that now fundraisers can be as creative as they want to be.”

- Stephanie Froehlich, Kansas State University Foundation

“This is the right approach. Donors are responding to DXOs and saying, ‘Thank you!”

- Amanda Trabue, Western Kentucky University

“We reached more people in 3 months than we did in the last year. This is the future of leadership and major gifts fundraising.”

- Brooks Hull, Texas State University (formerly Louisiana Tech University)

“We can build those 1-1 relationships and get people reconnected back to the institution and connected in more meaningful ways”

- Elizabeth Chapman, Emory University