Donor Relations

Increase Donor Retention by 15% with EverTrue

Seamlessly connect, engage, and nurture your donor relationships by leveraging the power of personalized video and targeted direct mail, coupled with deep donor intelligence, fund accounting, and endowment reporting, all tailored for every stage of donor engagement.

Features for Donor Relations

Modern Tools to Increase Donor Engagement

Comprehensive Donor Profiles

Start with an edge by leveraging fresh insights on donor profiles. From giving history and wealth indicators to digital engagement metrics, our comprehensive data ensures you’re always informed. Recognize your donors’ interests and patterns, and let our AI-powered insights guide your outreach strategy.

Personalized, Multi-Channel Outreach

Connect with your donors through their preferred channels. Whether it’s a heartfelt video, a compelling email, a quick text, or traditional direct mail, EverTrue’s multichannel donor outreach tools empower you to tailor your messaging to resonate. With templates and tracking, you can easily monitor engagement and optimize your approach.

Seamless Integrations

Don’t let tech hurdles slow you down. EverTrue integrates smoothly with your existing platforms, ensuring you have a unified view of your donors and can effortlessly switch between tools. Plus, with mobile access, you can nurture and manage donor relationships on the go, ensuring you’re always in touch.

Real-Time Alerts

Be the first to know about your donors’ career advancements, life milestones, and philanthropic gestures. Use these cues to personalize your engagement strategy, whether through a congratulatory video or a hand-crafted mailer.

Endowment Accounting & Delivery

We deliver a unified solution for donor relationship management, fund accounting, endowment report creation and delivery, and personalized stewardship. Choose the only platform with tools designed for every stage of the donor relationship.

Ready to Unlock the Potential of Your Entire Donor Pyramid?