Advancement Services

Unleash your team's potential

EverTrue’s advancement software solution gives everyone on your team easy access to the information they need on mobile and desktop. Plus we deliver constant streams of engagement insights, donor interests, enriched career data, and more to fuel fundraising.

Simple implementation for every database. Insights you can't get anywhere else.

We unlock the full power of your CRM

We’re an Ellucian Strategic Partner, a Blackbaud Preferred HigherEd Partner, and we work with Salesforce, Millennium, Raiser’s Edge, NXT, Colleague, Agilon, and Jenzabar… because those are the advancement CRMs whom you work with.

Always-fresh insights via TrueView profiles

TrueView profiles unite your information with a constant stream of new insights. Tap into Facebook interactions, net worth and wealth indicators, career information, social media profiles, interests, contact information, and more.

Help your team work from anywhere

With beautiful, intuitive advancement software services built for the office and the road — along with customized tools for gift officers — EverTrue is THE mobile solution for advancement, no matter what database you’re on.

Uncover your best prospects

Take a proactive approach to discovery as you access new sources of information, set up automatic alerts for highly engaged unassigned prospects, build lists by region or donor interest, and use keyword searches of contact reports. 

Have it your way

Tailor your team’s experience. Customize teams of fundraisers, prospect stages, contact reports, gift proposals, alerts, and more to meet your needs.

An ever-growing hub of integrations

Pick the best partners and connect them all with EverTrue. We integrate with Facebook, LinkedIn, Eventbrite, Windfall, Zillow, Emma, Thankview, Hustle, Graduway, and ticketing software, to name a few.

Features for Advancement Services

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