The winning strategy

As an athletics fundraiser, your fan base is your most valuable asset. But it’s challenging to make the most of donor and fan engagement data when it’s stored in various silos and
not accessible.

EverTrue puts engagement, giving, and ticketing data in the palm of your hand

Identify engaged fans

TrueView technology delivers career and location details, home values, Facebook engagement, donor interests, social handles and insights, custom capacity scores, and so much more.

Be the event hero

Track event engagement and attendance with best-in-class integrations with leading ticketing software and Eventbrite. You’ll never question, “Who’s coming to the game?” Use these insights to book meetings and make relevant asks.

Take travel by storm

Setting up meetings during the NCAA tournament? Add the trip to your dashboard, include the dates, and drag-and-drop prospects into an itinerary. When you hit the road, access your database and trip plan on your mobile device. Grab useful prospect information to prepare for meetings and easily find filler visits if an appointment cancels.

Features for Athletics Fundraisers