The Secret World of Facebook Ad Sets: Scheduling, Targeting, and Bidding

So you’ve got an alumni audience you want to target with a Facebook ad. Maybe you’ve got a solid clicks-to-website ad planned, or you’re looking to start a conversation with a page post engagement ad. Maybe you’re even encouraging registration to an event by trying out a lead generation ad. (If that was all Greek […]

The Best Types of Facebook Ads for Advancement and When to Use Them

Here’s a conversation I’ve had more times than I can count: Me: Have you ever run a Facebook ad before? Client: No, we’ve only done boosted posts. Me: But you paid for that boosted post, right? Client: Well, yes. Me: Okay, so you have run a Facebook ad before. If your school manages a Facebook […]

How to Convince Your Boss (and Yourself) that You Need Facebook Ads

It’s 2016, which means cars have Wi-Fi, iPhones don’t have headphone jacks, and most organizations understand the importance of having a solid Facebook strategy. But if you really want to get a head start on the future, you don’t need to buy a self-driving car. Simply upgrade your organization’s digital strategy by using Facebook ads. […]