3 Case Studies of Donor (and Consumer) Segmentation in Action

Hypothesis formed? Check. Data collected? Check. Tests in the field? Check. Hypothesis modified, confirmed, or debunked? Check. Insight achieved? Check. Now what? In my last few posts, I talked about how the collection of varied data can provide insight into your donors’ interests, desires, and personal triggers and how you can use that information to […]

Segment and Test: A Scientific Method for Annual Giving Donor Analysis

Show me that you know me. And I’ll show you that I care. From flash sales to urgent calls-to-action, our inboxes—both digital and the one with the little red flag on it—are stuffed with messages from stores, nonprofit organizations, and random corporations every day. Many of those messages end up in the trash bin before […]

How to Get Personal With Annual Giving Segmentation

For most operations, annual giving is the black hole of fundraising: a generic ask to a mass audience without much in the way of personalization. Case in point: I recently received an appeal letter from a medical foundation that I have supported in the past, addressed to “Dear Friend.” They could manage to personalize the […]

Channeling Your Mission: A Guide to Content Distribution for Nonprofits

Put away your Ouija board. We’re not talking about that kind of channeling. Rather, channeling describes how to use different communication tools to filter your message to the appropriate audience. This strategy aligns well with the annual fundraiser’s desire to provide the right message to the right person, at the right time, in the right […]

Content Marketing for the Annual Fund: How to Get Started

In my last post, I discussed a significant shift in donor behavior that is influencing fundraising and marketing strategy for higher education institutions and nonprofit organizations alike. Organizations today are confronted with savvier, more selective donors who have developed screening strategies for managing the daily marketing bombardment. It is our responsibility as fundraisers and relationship […]

Is Content Marketing the Future of the Annual Fund?

“If you have more money than brains, you should focus on outbound marketing. If you have more brains than money, you should focus on inbound marketing.” –Guy Kawasaki Since the days of the original ad men of Madison Avenue, frequency of contact has universally been acknowledged as the key to effectively marketing your product, organization, […]