The Illusion of Local

Strategy updates, staging changes, and solicitation scheduling: it’s beginning to look a lot like work plan season. As the mercury rises in my climate control-less 65-year-old building, I’m saturated with perspiration that’s proving to be a formidable opponent for my Gillette clear gel deodorant. The sweat beads, however, are not a result of sizzling summer […]

“That Escalated Quickly:” Digital Gift Officers in Demand

Nearly two years ago, I wrote a piece about the rise of the digital gift officer. I was working at Cornell University’s office of alumni affairs and development and had just received a 350-person portfolio. We dared to offer the notion that someone within a higher ed advancement office could manage prospects using digital media […]

From Content to Cash: The Rise of the Digital Gift Officer

If you missed EverTrue’s Raise 2016, you missed two days of impressive speakers from higher ed and the private sector discussing the various ways we can engage, track, and convert donors via digital media. Part of that was my disclosing of a new role we’re piloting at Cornell: the digital gift officer. The concept? As […]

Can Crowdfunding Engage and Retain New Donors?

Remember crowdfunding? Seems like just two years ago it was all anyone wanted to talk about. At every conference, we discussed the benefits and problems associated with micro-philanthropy. Some called it “a must”; others said it was merely “a fad.” At the time, data wasn’t available to tell the long-term effects of crowdfunding. But now, […]

Bernie Sanders, Higher-Ed Advancement, and Digital Strategy

“Decision 2016” is in full effect all around us. You can’t open a device or stroll past a newsstand (those are still a thing, right?) without hearing about the candidates’ latest moves. While Americans have six more months before they’ll decide on our next commander in chief, higher-ed advancement is faced with a decision of […]

Why Alumni Relations Should Embrace Fundraising, Not Run From It

My name is Keith and I am an alumni relations professional. (“Hi, Keith.”) If you ask Workday, my university title is “Alumni Engagement Officer II.” Now, I’m not typically one to disagree with HR, but I would also consider myself a fundraiser. (“WHAT did he just say?”) That’s right, I’m a fundraiser. I’m an alumni […]

Tech Trends for Fundraisers to Watch in 2016

2015 is in the books! Back to the Future II Day came and went without the release of flying cars, though we did see the rise of hoverboards (which do NOT hover).   Although Doc Brown and Marty didn’t offer us a ride in their DeLorean, there was still plenty happening in the world of […]

The Art of Fundraising With Data Science [Whitepaper]

Data is defined as “facts and statistics collected together for reference and analysis.” For those of us who live in the world of nonprofit fundraising and donor engagement, it’s easy to think of data as a new phenomenon taking our industry by storm. However, data has been bringing sweeping change to life as we know […]

A MAJOR Shift? Social Media’s Influence on Prospect Management

Allow me to spare you my rhetoric on how, despite ideas to the contrary, there IS a plethora of wealth living in online communities. If you still have a tent in the camp that thinks otherwise, I direct you to Justin Ware’s post that will blow holes in your outdated theory. This post proceeds with […]

The Problem With Settling for Flat Alumni Participation

Perhaps Netflix binge-watching is to blame for a new phrase running rampant through the boardrooms of higher-ed advancement offices. The streaming service just released its 3rd season of the addicting prison drama Orange is the New Black, and the antics of Piper, Red, and the rest of the ‘ole gang may be the inspiration for […]