Who’s on Your Fantasy Advancement Team?

Ok, Fantasy Sports fans! It’s time to apply the fantasy sports model to Advancement. As the self-appointed Fantasy Sports Guru at EverTrue, I was incredibly intrigued when the Case Western team mentioned to me at the recent ICAA conference that some of its members come up with their own Fantasy Advancement Teams as they look […]

Relationship Building at ICAA's 2014 Summer Conference

Last week, I had the privilege of joining my colleague, Jesse Bardo at EverTrue’s second appearance at the ICAA conference. Jesse really pumped up my expectations about the conference based on his experience last year, and I am happy to say that it did not disappoint. We not only got an opportunity to meet face […]

APRA MARC: Transformational Change Is Necessary to Advance Prospect Research

Now that Brent and I have returned from this year’s APRA MARC conference in Philly, I wanted to quickly share some of the insights we were able to gather from the conference itself and from all the incredible advancement professionals we met while in attendance. For those of you who don’t know, APRA is one […]

Bringing Back the Memories – Alumni Style

It is no secret that, at the heart of every Alumni Community, lays the shared experiences that connect each alum with one another. Nostalgic stories about teachers, athletic games, dorm events and classes are commonplace during conversations at Alumni Events. That said, as schools are looking for the best and most innovative practices to engage their alumni communities, it […]

10 Elements of an Awesome Alumni Volunteer Handbook

Since the advent of social and mobile, alumni volunteers have increasingly become powerful resources to help schools uncover better constituent data, engage graduates, and to raise money. Part of building a successful alumni volunteer program relies on creating a handbook that can serve as a foundation for your volunteers. With the advantage of seeing a […]