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Celebrating every single alumni job change at Louisiana Tech University


Using EverTrue, Louisiana Tech University saw that 3% of their alumni change jobs every year (700 – 800, quarterly). Of these job-changers, about 15% showed additional wealth indicators; 40% were young alums; 1% were retiring; and 8% had been promoted to a C-suite position.

The Louisiana Tech team decided to act on this untapped potential. Now, they receive automatic alumni job change notifications every month through EverTrue. The Louisiana Tech Director of Alumni Engagement acknowledges these important Career Moves milestones by sending personalized, congratulatory ThankView videos to every single job-changing alum.

The Challenge:

In the words of Brooks Hull, Vice President For University Advancement and Chief Executive Officer at Louisiana Tech University, “It’s usually not until we see ‘Executive’ or ‘President’ or ‘CEO’ in an alum’s title that an alma mater picks up the phone and says, ‘Hey, you’re important to us.’“

People change jobs an average of 12 times in their career (source: Zippia). One-third of our lives are spent at work (source: Gettysburg College). At institutions across the board, about 12% of the alumni base changes jobs every year (source: EverTrue).

Colleges and Universities pride themselves on providing the degree that makes their graduates’ career changes possible. And yet, more than 95% of career updates from recent job-changers are not in a typical college’s database (source: EverTrue).

With a lean team and a limited budget, the Louisiana Tech University Foundation sought the most efficient way to meaningfully connect with thousands more alumni. They needed smart technology to build a scalable process that shows graduates they care by celebrating their career moves.

Why evertrue:

When EverTrue and ThankView merged in 2021, we built an easy, replicable way to give our partners Career Moves updates every month, and turn those job changes into one-to-one and one-to-many “Congrats!” videos in ThankView.

Here’s how the process works: In EverTrue, our proprietary TrueView insights detect likely job changers. A dedicated team verifies job changes and passes back publicly available information. We handle all the data transcription and constituent matching work, and then provide downloadable job change data every quarter that our customers can also access directly in EverTrue. And then we populate a ThankView campaign with quarterly job changers, making it super-simple to congratulate every single job-changing alum with a “Congrats!” video.

The results:

From January to December 2021, the Louisiana Tech team personally congratulated over 2,500 job changers via ThankView.

150 of these job changers made an annual gift.

24 of them made first-time gifts.

400 job-changers engaged with Louisiana Tech’s Facebook posts. 44 liked Louisiana Tech’s Facebook posts over 25 times.

The ThankView “congrats!” videos got a 60% average open rate and 37% click-through rate.

Why Celebrate Career Moves?

The goal of celebrating alumni Career Moves at Louisiana Tech is to use a milestone moment to establish a meaningful connection with thousands more alumni. Louisiana Tech sought a simple, scalable process that would fit within their existing staffing structure and allow them to congratulate every single alumni job changer on a quarterly basis.

For the Louisiana Tech team, Career Moves is “where the rubber meets the road” in a digital-first approach to alumni engagement. The first time alums hear from the alumni office, it’s usually with a message of “Hey, you graduated, you got us a job, now give us some money.” Now, by celebrating Career Moves, alums first hear a heartfelt “Congrats!” from their alma mater at a significant juncture in their lives. 

The Career Moves process puts the value where it ought to be – on the graduate – and conveys Louisiana Tech’s pride for their alums, even before they give back philanthropically.

“Constituents like to be congratulated. It’s really that simple. What a great way for us to introduce ourselves (or reintroduce ourselves) - by congratulating them first.”

How does the Career Moves process work?

Louisiana Tech first introduced the EverTrue platform to their team in early 2020. Shortly afterwards, they added the ThankView platform to their tech toolkit. In late 2020, the team added quarterly Career Moves updates from EverTrue to unite the two platforms.

Now, through the EverTrue and ThankView integration, job changes flow into EverTrue; EverTrue produces an exportable download of job changes every month; the Director of Alumni Engagement segments the quarterly list by promotions, retirements, and job changes; and a ThankView campaign is populated for each type of job changers.

Who Manages the Career Moves Process?

To ensure that the process of turning quarterly Career Moves updates from EverTrue into ThankView videos was simple, straightforward, and scalable, the Louisiana Tech team sought a dedicated staff person to manage the process. Here’s the skillset they needed:

The Louisiana Tech team ultimately chose to assign Madison Kaufman, Director of Alumni Engagement, to manage and execute the quarterly Career Moves process. The Director of Alumni Engagement now ensures that all job changers (assigned prospects; high-potential unassigned prospects; and all other alums) are congratulated on a quarterly basis. They also monitor open rates for the ThankView videos, guide prospect managers on the Career Moves process, track giving and engagement behavior among job changers, and report on progress to advancement leadership.
“I would suggest finding someone in your organization that is really good with messaging, and really good with connecting, and I would put them on the Career Moves process. And you’ll be amazed how many people they can connect with in a week.”

What do the "Congrats!" videos look like?

After trial and error, the Louisiana Tech team realized that smart segmentation of job changers produced the best results from their Career Moves outreach. Regardless of the segmentation, the videos are personal, warm, congratulatory. Here are a few examples.

Career Moves segment Sender Type of ThankView Example
Assigned to gift officer portfolio Relationship Manager One-to-one "congrats!" video with the option to book a meeting Click here
Unassigned; additional capacity/inclination indicators Director of Alumni Engagement One-to-one "congrats!" videos; segmented for promotions, job-changes, retirements with the option to book a meeting Click here
Unassigned, no additional capacity/ inclination indicators Director of Alumni Engagement 1:many "congrats!" videos with the option to update contact information Click here
Young alumni (grad years 2016+) Director of Alumni Engagement 1:1 "congrats!" videos with a request to share the job update on LA Tech's social media Click here

What's the ROI?

From January to December 2021, the Louisiana Tech team personally congratulated over 2,500 job changers. The outreach led to a 300% increase in overall engagement on these ThankView campaigns. And 150 job changers made an annual gift; 24 of them for the first time. 400 of them engaged with LA Tech’s Facebook posts. 44 liked LA Tech’s posts over 25 times. ThankView videos to job changers saw a 60% open rate and 37% click-through rate.

The Louisiana Tech team is now having meaningful touchpoints with hundreds of alumni every quarter. Alumni have expressed their surprise and delight at receiving a “Congrats!” ThankView from Louisiana Tech. The process works!

“Your message made my day.”

“Thank you for the congrats! Great to still feel connected to the school.”

“Thank you guys!!! You are the best!!!! #foreverloyal”

“Thank you so much for this message and recognition. My days at Louisiana Tech were the best. I played on the tennis team and had the greatest time ever. I sure do miss it. Thank you again!”

Louisiana Tech Career Moves - response from an alumna
LinkedIn message from a Louisiana Tech alumna after receiving a "Congratulations!"
ThankView after her recent job change.

In the words of Vice President Brooks Hull, “This is the best way we know right now to start to build a relationship that’s actually based on us valuing our alumni first. Before we ever value them as a donor, we value them because of their success. And we know that the success that they have adds value to the degree that we offer.” 

Catch Brooks’ three-minute overview of Career Moves at LA Tech below.

Brooks Hull, Vice President for Advancement and CEO of Louisiana Tech University, reflects on his decision to prioritize quarterly congrats for LA Tech's job-changing alums.