Customer Stories:

Championship fundraising: How the UNC Rams Club connects with prospects on the road


The Rams Club is the University of North Carolina’s (UNC) athletics foundation. Through endowed, annual, and capital giving, the 14,500 Rams Club members provide educational and athletic opportunities for UNC’s student-athletes.

The Challenge:

This year, Rams Club gift officers traveled with the men’s basketball team as it progressed through the NCAA tournament. With only a few days in each city between games, fundraisers needed to book meetings quickly, track gift officer outreach and portfolios, and secure new memberships—all while on the road.

Why evertrue:

The Rams Club partnered with EverTrue to put mobile-friendly fundraising tools in the hands of its road warriors, enabling the team to carry detailed information on every prospect, research new potential donors, log contact reports, and communicate with each other in real time on their smartphones and tablets.

The results:

Fundraisers plan trips in hours, not days.

Rams Club gift officers quickly collaborate and prioritize
outreach while on the road.

EverTrue gives our gift officers a user-friendly platform when they’re on the road. Officers can see who’s in their portfolio, who they’re visiting on a given trip, and who else lives in a particular area that they may want to contact.

The full story: 

The Rams Club saw that value in action during the 2017 UNC men’s basketball team’s run to the Final Four. While in Phoenix for the NCAA championship, Rams Club officers used EverTrue to locate and meet with dozens of local, consistent donors along with members who had made the trip to cheer on the Tar Heels.

With little time to plan and just over four days on site, they had to move fast to book visits.

“I’d open the EverTrue app, pull up a map of Phoenix, and use filters to see consistent donors or rated prospects,” Nick said. “I could see who lived close to my hotel, how they’ve interacted with The Rams Club, and what they’ve done with the university. That helped me get the majority of the meetings I set up in Phoenix.”


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Nick and his team also used EverTrue to connect with out-of-town Tar Heel fans who made the trip to the championship. With hundreds of fans purchasing travel packages through The Rams Club, the team was able to paste their constituent IDs into EverTrue to quickly track and review lists of attendees. The officers then collaborated with each other via EverTrue to schedule meetings.

“I found donors who I wanted to meet and added them to my trip in EverTrue. Every other gift officer could see that information, as well,” Nick said. “It was extremely helpful and prevented us from duplicating meetings, which was important on a trip where we had 1,000 of our top prospects at the Final Four.


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The team relies on EverTrue to connect with donors during home games, as well. While at venues in Chapel Hill, gift officers keep track of ticket holders, map out meetings, and record contact reports—all via their phones.

“It’s great to add the interaction right then and there,” said Nick. “I don’t have to keep track of it to add in on Monday when I get back to the office. EverTrue is streamlining the way we do things.

Easily Tracking Portfolios and Team Performance

Jordan Buck, campaign coordinator for The Rams Club, helps support gift officers on the road. Using EverTrue has saved her and her team of fundraisers time because they can easily access their portfolios using EverTrue.

“Now working with EverTrue, our gift officers are able to access their portfolios right on their mobile devices, which is a big convenience for them and a big timesaver for me,” Jordan said. “They can easily glance through their list and see who they need to visit or who they haven’t contacted in a while.”

“It is really crucial for me to see, in one place, who’s in my portfolio, where they are in our proposal stages, and to see what I’ve done in the last month for contact notes,” Nick said. “I can see how many visits I’ve made or the total number of proposals I’ve submitted for this fiscal year compared to last year.

With EverTrue, every Rams Club fundraiser can easily review portfolios from their phones, then drill down to see proposal stages for each prospect. EverTrue also tracks outreach and interactions, which help gift officers stay connected and up-to-date with every donor.

“EverTrue is giving our team more resources and direction on how we’re tracking against our goals,” Nick said.