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Closing a Giving Challenge with EverTrue: University of New Hampshire’s Success


Michael Randall, esteemed Director of Development for the College of Liberal Arts, has propelled UNH’s philanthropic efforts to new heights, achieving remarkable milestones including a 30% increase in donor participation over three years, securing over $10 million in funding for academic programs and scholarships, and establishing enduring relationships with over 500 passionate supporters

The Challenge:

The University of New Hampshire’s annual 603 Challenge was nearing its midnight deadline, and Michael Randall faced the challenge of securing 50 donors for the Classics, Humanities, and Italian Studies program to unlock a $45,000 challenge gift. However, with only four hours left, they were still short of their goal, with only 42 donors.

Why evertrue:

Michael turned to EverTrue, utilizing its search functionality to identify potential prospects. He searched contact reports using keywords related to classical studies and related fields, quickly building a list of 30 individuals who had expressed an interest in these subjects.

The results:

Using EverTrue, UNH connected with 30 potential prospects in the final hours of the giving challenge.

Personalized emails were sent to these prospects, urging them to make a participation gift.

Several of the contacted individuals responded by making a gift before the deadline.

UNH successfully achieved its goal of 50 donors, unlocking the additional $45,000 challenge gift.

UNH closed all 62 different challenges during its giving week, achieving a perfect score.

It was the final hours of the University of New Hampshire’s annual 603 Challenge — its springtime participation and challenge-based giving campaign.

With just about four hours to go until the midnight deadline, Michael Randall, Director of Development for the College of Liberal Arts, was nervous.

Leading up to the 603 Challenge, Michael’s team secured a $45,000 challenge gift for the Classics, Humanities and Italian Studies program that would be unlocked if 50 donors gave to the department during the Challenge.

In the waning hours of the Challenge, the gift-o-meter was stuck at 42 donors. The UNH team had already solicited their assigned prospects, sent emails to degree-holders, and pushed out all their social media messages. But they still hadn’t hit their goal.

At home on the couch, while watching the scoreboard, Michael pulled up EverTrue on his laptop. By searching contact reports by keyword, he started building a list of unassigned, non-degree holders who had mentioned an interest in Classics, Greek Literature, Italian Literature, the Rennaissance, the Oddessy, or any other term he could think of.

Contact report keyword search
In EverTrue, search historic contact reports by keyword like the name of a beloved professor or area of study. Or, seatrch by terms that indicate intent to give, like "planned gift," "estate," or "scholarship."

In seconds, Michael built a list of 30 potential prospects who had mentioned an interest in “Classics” in the past.

With the minutes counting down to the midnight deadline, Michael’s team emailed all 30 of these prospects asking them to make a participation gift and help unlock the $45,000 challenge gift.

Before the night ended, several of the folks they contacted made a gift. UNH hit the 50-donor goal for this challenge and successfully unlocked an additional gift from a pair of generous donors. 

Not only did UNH secure another $45,000 for Classics and engage donors around a known area of interest, but the university closed all of its 62 different challenges during its giving week. 

Using EverTrue, Michael and the UNH Development team connected donor interests with an opportunity to give, and helped the university close out this year’s 603 Challenge with a perfect score.

Now that’s something to celebrate.

UNH 603 Challenge - EverTrue
UNH 603 Challenge - EverTrue

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