Customer Stories:

EverTrue helps Weber State gift officers connect with dozens of new prospects


Weber State University (WSU) is a public university in Ogden, Utah with 26,000 students and 200,000 alumni. The WSU development team includes gift officers supporting seven different colleges and several non-academic departments, each with its own distinct fundraising priorities. The university manages its constituent records in Banner by Ellucian.

The Challenge:

After concluding its $164-million Dream 125 comprehensive campaign, the WSU development team has worked to keep the momentum going by identifying undiscovered prospects—”diamonds in the rough”—across target West Coast, Mountain West, and Midwest regions.

WSU officers used Excel sheets generated from Banner to organize prospect data, a system that was difficult to manage and quickly outdated. Officers also faced minimal access to constituent information while on the road, leading to missed opportunities to meet with key prospects when traveling.

Why evertrue:

Since partnering with EverTrue in 2016, Weber State’s staff has achieved individual and office-wide goals in unearthing these “diamonds.” EverTrue has promoted more efficient prospect discovery, connections with high-capacity prospects, engagement with new pockets of alumni, and effective training that brings new officers up to speed quickly.

The results:

Gift officers have discovered an average of 25 new,
qualified prospects per year.

New connections with six C-level executives at large corporations.

Increased staff onboarding efficiency.

The full story:

Officers like Brent Parkin, senior development director of the College of Science, have achieved individual trip goals by doing all of their prospecting and trip planning in EverTrue.

“On a three-to-four day trip, my goal is to make a certain number of personal contacts,” Brent said. “I’m looking for 10-15 visits with two or three meetings every day.”

Using EverTrue’s location-based filters and list-building tools, Brent has exceeded his designated appointment number when traveling.

Similarly, Chris Barragan, senior development director at the Goddard School of Business, attributed his discovery of more than 25 new, qualified prospects within the past year to EverTrue’s geographical identification tools.

EverTrue mobile appsThis image displays mock data

On a larger scale, thanks to EverTrue’s exclusive partnership with LinkedIn, Weber State fundraisers have access to constituent profiles with current career and location information.

Using this data, Chris identified six new prospects at senior executive management levels. In particular, he was able to pinpoint two notable executives and Weber State alumni working at large companies in the Chicago area.

Chris invited both separately to visit campus and participate in a School of Business lecture series. After these successful campus visits, Barragan arranged meetings including the president of Weber State to discuss gift options with these newly engaged prospects.

EverTrue’s mobile, geographical filtering and saved list features have been the most impactful functions for Weber State road warriors.

“If I have a eak in time, I love pulling up my phone and seeing that there’s a couple of alumni in the area,” Chris said. “I don’t mind going to say hi. I’ll just go and knock on their door.”

EverTrue Map Search
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Chris also described a “treasure trove of alumni” he found in Alameda, California using EverTrue’s map-based search feature. Using the integration with Google Maps, Chris stumbled across an unexpectedly large population of Weber State alumni in the area.

“I just started meeting all these different people. It created an immediate connection among every alum there,” Chris said.

Chris invited these previously unknown and unengaged constituents to an upcoming Weber State versus University of California, Berkeley football game, 15 minutes from the Alameda region—a move that strengthened the WSU connection.

A former commercial real estate management professional, Brent entered Weber State’s development staff in fall 2016. He pointed to EverTrue’s user-friendly platform as a key part of his smooth transition into an unfamiliar role.

“Changing careers and changing jobs is not easy. You’re used to using all the technology and tools at your previous job.,” Brent said. “I tried to go to the resources that I felt were the easiest to use and more user friendly, and I was introduced to EverTrue. I just jumped in and I started using it. I thought it was amazing.”

Chris also compared EverTrue’s minimal need for instruction and intuitive platform to Apple’s products.

“I remember the first time I purchased an iPhone. There wasn’t an instruction book. You just figured out things, and it was very intuitive. EverTrue meets that standard,” Chris said. “It’s a discovery tool that is user friendly and obvious. It creates excitement as a fundraiser to find more prospects.”