Customer Stories:

Purdue University Uses EverTrue to Work Smarter Across the Giving Pyramid


Purdue University is a large research university located in West Lafayette, Indiana. The University Development Office, which operates under the Purdue Research Foundation, works to build relationships with and secure financial support from alumni, friends, corporations, and foundations.

The Challenge:

With over 400,000 alumni records, Purdue was looking for a solution that could help the team more efficiently identify, prioritize, and track prospects, especially as the university moved into a comprehensive $2 billion campaign.

Why evertrue:

The EverTrue platform—with its seconds-fast search, external data integrations, custom prospect lists, and more—stood out as a valuable platform that would enable Purdue to grow a donor pipeline for the campaign and beyond.

The results:

Already, Purdue has deeper insight into its 15,000 unmanaged prospects and has identified 36,000 socially engaged non-donors with EverTrue. Staff members across major gifts, prospect research, annual giving, and senior leadership are finding success with the platform by discovering new prospects, building deeper relationships with constituents, and better prioritizing their efforts.

Optimizing the Major Gift Program

At the top of the giving pyramid, EverTrue allows the Purdue team to develop richer portfolio analyses on major prospects. The platform has increased the collaboration between prospect researchers and major gift officers, who build prospect lists together in EverTrue and work to maximize gift officers’ time on the road by identifying filler visits. Plus, the Facebook integration surfaces Purdue’s most socially engaged prospects and helps gift officers decide who to call on first.

By aggregating the data into clean constituent profiles, EverTrue improves the team’s access to the donor information necessary to effective cultivation and stewardship of donors. Purdue gift officers get a quick view of any constituent—including recent Facebook engagement—giving insight into the prospect’s institutional affinities in advance of a visit or call.

Identifying New Mid-Level Donors

Purdue also brought in EverTrue to help build a stronger mid-level giving program. The team searches for prospects based on new data from Zillow and the U.S. Census—among other important criteria—to create lists of wealthy yet unassigned prospects. This new capability helps Purdue surface and keep track of middle-of-the-pyramid donors, an important group of prospects to cultivate for the future of the institution.

EverTrue has also played a key role as Purdue explores peer-to-peer fundraising. As part of their campaign strategy, Purdue is encouraging cabinet members and major donors to become volunteer fundraisers. To provide each volunteer with a list of prospects, Purdue toggles over to the EverTrue map view, applies a 45-mile radius around the volunteer’s location, and filters the list by additional criteria like capacity and engagement.

Growing the Annual Fund

As the Purdue annual giving team works to increase participation at the bottom of the pyramid, EverTrue has empowered staff members to find low-hanging fruit and to tap into new segments of their alumni population. For specific campaigns, one of the team’s favorite searches is to filter by “engaged on Facebook” and then by LYBUNT or SYBUNT. This simple search allows them to reach the right alumni at the right time with targeted asks.