Customer Stories:

Stonehill College enhances gift officer productivity with EverTrue


Stonehill College, a Catholic liberal arts college in Easton, Massachusetts. Stonehill houses over 40,000 records in their database (Banner), and each gift officer manages around 100 prospects.

The Challenge:

As a small shop, the Stonehill development team must be nimble and resourceful as they work to cultivate donors and secure major gifts for the college. Especially as Stonehill moved into a new comprehensive campaign, they were looking for a more effective way to enhance their existing database and sought a solution that would help gift officers efficiently access donor data, monitor their assigned prospects, and discover new prospects.

Why evertrue:

Since bringing in EverTrue, everyday tasks like prospecting and trip planning have become easier and more efficient for Stonehill’s gift officers.

EverTrue gives them the ability to instantly access donor data, run their own queries, view their portfolios, and see their prospects on a map—resulting in more time building relationships with donors and less time tangled in spreadsheets.

The results:

Stonehill College’s adoption of EverTrue led to improved efficiency in accessing donor data, with gift officers able to retrieve information in 30 seconds, enhancing their outreach capabilities.

The platform provides valuable insights through Facebook data, aiding in more informed donor engagement decisions and it has proven highly beneficial for trip planning, enabling the discovery of new prospects during visits.

EverTrue’s predictive scoring has further enhanced prospect identification and outreach, ultimately improving the quality and quantity of donor relationships.

The full story:

Before EverTrue, Stonehill gift officers accessed donor data in spreadsheets and would often need to submit requests for information. 

Now, according to Advancement Officer Kevin Dubuc, they can retrieve the majority of the information they need—such as giving data, company and title, and location—in 30 seconds by running a search in EverTrue. “The search results come up quickly and I can sort through them faster than I might otherwise be able to,” Kevin said. 

Major Gifts Officer Brian Fetky added that having accurate career information from LinkedIn and engagement data from Facebook gives them extra insight into what their prospects care about. Using EverTrue’s My Portfolio feature, he is able to monitor his prospects’ social media activity and make more informed decisions about donor outreach.

Because EverTrue makes donor data so easy to access, the Stonehill team turns to EverTrue when they plan trips and arrange visits. In many instances, EverTrue has helped them discover additional prospects to meet with in their assigned territories.

As David Dugas, director of major and planned gifts, shared: “EverTrue has definitely helped me unearth new prospects. I was getting ready to head down to D.C. for a couple of days, so I ran a search in EverTrue to find unassigned Stonehill alumni in the D.C. area. I found several new people to get in touch with and was able to fill out my schedule for a more productive trip.”

Kevin had a similar experience as David while he was on the road in Connecticut. When Kevin’s appointment canceled on him last minute, he pulled up EverTrue to see if there was anybody else in the area. He found an alumnus who worked in financial services and had been giving at a leadership level, so he contacted the donor and ended up scoring a meeting.

EverTrue Mobile Trip PlanningThese images display mock data.

Not only was Kevin able to begin a relationship with this alumnus, but the conversation led to the creation of an internship opportunity for Stonehill students.

“The alumnus was really excited about the idea of having an intern at his company. It was a great way to start a relationship with a company we hadn’t known in the past,” Kevin said.

With an ambitious campaign just launched, the Stonehill team has a lot of work on their hands over the next six years. But David believes that, with EverTrue, his team has the technology and resources they need to identify prospects and cultivate meaningful donor relationships in support of that goal.

On the prospecting front, the team has found value in EverTrue’s predictive scoring as they try to ing untapped, high-capacity alumni into the fold. Both Brian and Kevin actively monitor prospects who have an EverTrue Score of 4 or 5 (a dynamic score calculated based on social, giving, professional, and demographic factors).

Stonehill College - EverTrue Saved Segments
Whether monitoring major donors (in Brian’s case) or identifying potential leadership donors (in Kevin’s case), EverTrue consistently puts new names on their radar and empowers them to expand their outreach beyond the alumni they already know. The team has already noticed a difference in the quality and quantity of the prospects they’ve reached out to—and as the campaign progresses, they hope to keep the momentum going with the help of EverTrue.