Customer Stories:

The Delta Sigma Phi Foundation uses direct mail to encourage early-year giving


The Delta Sigma Phi Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising funds for Fraternity programming, education and leadership development. Since its founding in 1953, the Foundation has contributed immensely to the development of Delta Sigma Phi members.

Without the Foundation’s support, funding for Delta Sig’s values-based, educational and developmental programs would fall on the shoulders of our undergraduate members, whether through membership dues or other out-of-pocket expenses.

The Challenge:

The Delta Sigma Phi Foundation faced a common challenge in the world of nonprofit fundraising: how to effectively engage donors and encourage early-year giving. This presented a dual challenge as they aimed to both inform donors about the impact of their contributions and provide them with an appealing calendar-year giving summary to inspire early-year giving.

Why evertrue:

To tackle this challenge, the Foundation turned to EverTrue’s direct mail services and adopted a campaign format that incorporated a compelling storytelling element. This format featured a personal story from one of the Foundation’s members, adding a dynamic touch to their direct mail piece. While statistics and data can convey the impact of donations, the personal touch of a member’s story provided a unique and relatable way to demonstrate how donors’ investments were making a real difference.

The results:

The campaign achieved its main objectives with flying colors. Donors responded positively to the unique stories featured in the tax receipt mailings, and the campaign successfully informed them about the impact of their giving. It also inspired early-year giving, encouraging donors to continue their support.

The Story Behind the Results

Let’s take a closer look at how the Delta Sigma Phi Foundation, a nonprofit organization with a rich history dating back to 1953, is making a big impact. Their mission? To raise funds for Fraternity programming, education, and leadership development. They’re all about helping Delta Sigma Phi members grow, develop, and succeed.

But, like many nonprofit organizations, they faced a common challenge: how to engage donors and inspire early-year giving. It’s a balancing act. They needed to educate donors about the impact of their contributions while also encouraging them to keep giving.

So, what was their secret sauce? EverTrue’s direct mail service: Pledgemine. Instead of just sending out statistics and numbers, they decided to tell heartfelt stories from their members. These personal stories made their mailings come alive. Donors loved it. They got a glimpse of how their contributions were truly changing lives.

And the results? Outstanding. Donors responded positively to these unique stories and felt more informed about the impact of their giving. It didn’t stop there; it also encouraged early-year giving, motivating donors to keep the support flowing.

Now, here’s the kicker: they didn’t send this to everyone in their massive database. They targeted an audience of just over 1,400 recipients. That might sound small, but it’s all about quality over quantity. They tailored their approach to engage a specific group of their donors, making sure the right message reached the right people.

Nathan Wight, the Chief Advancement Officer at the Delta Sigma Phi Foundation, had some great insights to share. He emphasized the power of well-executed tax receipt mailings. Even the simplest updates can greatly impact donors’ decisions to continue their support. Nathan’s advice to other organizations? Think like your donors and focus on personalization and relatability in your engagement efforts.

In a world where connecting with donors is the name of the game for nonprofits, the Delta Sigma Phi Foundation’s approach stands out. Their dedication to storytelling and relatability has transformed a routine receipt into a powerful tool for building relationships and sustaining support.