EverTrue + Facebook

The world’s largest social network is at your fingertips

Power up segmentation and discovery

Turn likes and comments into deeper connections with prospects and alumni by understanding everyone’s interests and engagement.

Combine Facebook insights with EverTrue profiles

By harnessing EverTrue’s unique integration with Facebook, you’ll match individual activity on Facebook to profiles in EverTrue. All this data is searchable within the EverTrue platform. 

Engagement matters

Prospects who interact with their alma mater on Facebook are 80% more likely to take a meeting. If you’re not tracking this information, you’re missing out on high quality prospects that are raising their hands.

Automatic alerts

Quickly set up saved searches to let you know when top prospects are interacting with your Posts. Get automatic alerts to see when assigned prospects engage. You’ll be the most proactive fundraiser out there. 

Understand interests for segmentation

Unparallelled access to Facebook engagement data means you can see donors’ interests clearer than ever before. Search Comments and understand affinity to segment and build meaningful relationships with your donors.

Track holistic engagement

9% of your engaged alumni are only interacting with your institution digitally. If you’re only tracking engagement the “traditional” way, you’re missing out on alumni that are raising their hands and telling you what they care about. 

Export Facebook data to your own system

With this add-on feature, you can export all matched Facebook data and load it into your database of record. Not only will you be able to search and filter this data in EverTrue, but you’ll have it stored in your CRM for access down the road.

"EverTrue represents a leap forward for alumni relations and development. With tools like this, we can see what people are interested in right now and produce a better user experience for alumni."
Andrew Gossen, Exec. Director of Digital Innovation, Alumni Affairs & Development, Cornell University
“Using EverTrue to connect social media activity to fundraising and ticket sales really works and we’ve quickly seen the return on our investment. The value of taking this approach is that we get a better response.”
Shauna Magnusen, Assistant Director of Prospect Development and Project Management
"EverTrue has been a game changer for us. It's the first product we saw that was an effective way to gain insights and take action on social media data."
Jacob Astley, Senior Director of Prospect Development, Oklahoma State University
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