Gift Officers: Your best days start with Launchpad

Everything you need to get going

Track goals and progress in real-time. Launchpad’s smart suggestions tell you who needs a phone call or visit, send gift notifications, and deliver updates for all your assigned prospects. 

Blast off with new insights

Track fundraiser performance and propel activity using Launchpad’s metrics and smart suggestions. With a suite of customizable widgets designed to keep gift officers and managers on top of portfolios, you’ll know who’s crushing goals and where there’s room to grow.

Launchpad for Fundraisers

Launchpad is your intelligent to-do list (and your new best friend). Start here every day for a list of prospects to talk to, visits to plan, and proposals to close. You’ll always know where you stand with real-time goal-tracking. 

Launchpad for Managers

This is your first stop for team and individual gift officer metrics. Check each team’s performance and drill down into individual gift officer reports for a clear look at who’s making visits and closing gifts and who needs a little more coaching. You can customize the goals, alerts, and performance indicators for each team. 

Cover 100% of your portfolio

We know that the average gift officer logs contact reports for less than half of their portfolio each year. Launchpad changes the game with smart suggestions that propel meaningful activity. Don’t let any donor fall to the bottom of a to-do list — Launchpad keeps every prospect top-of-mind.

EverTrue's Launchpad includes

“The information in Launchpad is not information that was always super accessible. To see all of that in a one-stop-shop is amazing. This is how I start my day. ”

Haley Ashley,
Donor Experience Officer
Western Kentucky University