EverTrue Adds Fundriver to Fundraising Suite

Press Release (August 2022)

EverTrue, the leading donor engagement solution, has announced the acquisition of Fundriver, a holistic platform that fundamentally transforms the way fundraising teams manage endowment and other restricted funds.

EverTrue, the leading advancement software platform, has announced the acquisition of Fundriver, which offers software solutions that fundamentally transform and automate the way fundraising teams manage donations and report on endowment details.

Fundriver’s streamlined workflows, simplified audit readiness tools, and donor compliance monitoring guarantee a seamless transition from endowment and fund donation to ongoing management and reporting. As EverTrue continues to build its data consolidation and outreach offerings to strengthen appeals and stewardship, Fundriver completes the giving circle with a turnkey solution for financial oversight and detailed donation usage 

Fundriver’s integrated platform allows customers to process and track donor endowment financials, reconcile information, and provide detailed gift amounts to the general ledger. The new solution also creates reports that can be shared throughout the institution and with the donors to engage with them and encourage future donations.

“For years, finance and fundraising offices at non-profits have struggled with systems that didn’t talk to each other and competing priorities,” said Steven Kapor, President of Fundriver. “With Balance and Impact, Fundriver aimed to bridge those gaps. Now, by joining the EverTrue family, we have the opportunity to make the stewardship process even more seamless. This acquisition makes it possible to leverage Fundriver’s critical fund and Impact data with EverTrue’s insights, analytics, and outreach tools to provide a holistic fundraising solution–making impactful, personalized stewardship easier than ever. And the fact that EverTrue is focused on the employee experience as well as the customer one, just like Fundriver, made this a natural match.”

“EverTrue’s system of intelligence will be even more personalized with Fundriver insights,” said Brent Grinna, founder and CEO of EverTrue. “There is massive potential to contribute to a ‘data network effect’ with cross-platform insights reflecting hundreds of billions of dollars of endowment data.”

“We’ve received wonderful feedback from our donors on their Impact reports. They loved hearing from their scholarship recipients first-hand and in a beautiful, OHIO-branded report,” said Ariel Dressen, Associate Director of Philanthropy at Ohio University. “Our development officers felt this really elevated our impact reporting process and gave them a great touchpoint with their donors.”

Over the last year, EverTrue merged with ThankView, the largest personalized video platform for higher-ed and nonprofits, and has acquired The Solas Group, a pioneer in fundraising analytics, and Pledgemine, the leader in direct mail solutions for education fundraising. With the addition of Fundriver, EverTrue enables fundraising teams to identify new prospects or donors who need a touchpoint, reach supporters at the right time in their preferred medium, and ultimately grow philanthropic support. 


About EverTrue
EverTrue’s software, data, and services empower higher education and independent school advancement teams to create personalized experiences for donors. Hundreds of teams use EverTrue’s network of social and demographic data sources and modern, mobile-first software to reach more donors and increase fundraising. The company serves more than 2,000 nonprofit customers. Visit www.evertrue.com for more information.

About Fundriver
Fundriver allows nonprofits of all sizes to track and manage endowment and other restricted funds seamlessly. Their endowment accounting and donor stewardship solutions make it easy for all stakeholders to access donor, fund, awardee, and financial data in one simple web-based platform. Visit www.fundriver.com for more information.