EverTrue and Windfall Partner to Help Fundraisers Automatically Identify and Prioritize Outreach to Affluent Prospects

Press Release (December 5, 2019)

Leading providers of higher-ed advancement and non-profit fundraising solutions join forces to help development teams identify and proactively engage affluent prospects with the highest likelihood of giving.

EverTrue, the leading advancement platform, and Windfall, the leading provider of actionable wealth data, announce a partnership to connect higher education and nonprofit fundraisers to their most affluent and engaged existing and potential donors.

With this partnership, EverTrue introduces a premium feature to supply customers with Windfall’s precise calculations for high-net-worth U.S. households and proactively update that information regularly. In addition to household net worth, the integration with Windfall allows EverTrue to reveal dozens of underlying wealth indicators and interest insights within its TrueView profiles — the advancement industry’s first continually updated constituent record.

Colleges and universities face the increasingly difficult task of sifting through thousands of unmanaged prospects to find, track, and connect with potential donors with the most giving capacity and affinity for the institution. A recent study found that 43% of highly-engaged, leadership-level and above donors do not have an assigned gift officer (Source: EverTrue). And in an environment where inflation-adjusted individual giving declined by 3.4% last year (Source: GivingUSA), it’s more critical than ever for advancement teams to build better relationships among these overlooked donors. EverTrue and Windfall help reverse these trends by giving organizations more information to identify and prioritize engagement with their best potential supporters.

“Fundraisers need to know their best prospects, and we are helping them do that now better than ever,” Brent Grinna, founder and CEO of EverTrue, said. “Our partnership with Windfall will put thousands of new affluent prospects on the radar for advancement teams. Then these fundraisers can use our exclusive TrueView insights to understand the interests and engagement of each person to quickly move forward with the right approach.”

EverTrue users can create custom-built saved searches that combine Windfall’s net worth data with Facebook activity and other engagement insights, career information, giving history, and more to deliver ongoing, automatic notifications of their most active, high-value prospects.

Windfall, a wealth data provider that specializes in identifying the net worth of U.S. households with a net worth above $1 million, refreshes its dataset monthly, providing development teams with new information on the most affluent prospects and donors. Historically, advancement teams have relied on infrequent wealth screenings for small segments of their respective databases. This partnership means teams will have ongoing, updated best-in-class net worth and wealth attributes for every constituent in EverTrue, eliminating the need for one-off wealth data appends or expensive selective screenings.

“We give fundraisers trustworthy information that allows them to take action,” said Arup Banerjee, CEO of Windfall. “People are fluid, and data changes rapidly — markets move daily, families could move across the country, or you could even buy or sell a company. Our insights keep fundraising teams continually up-to-date on their most affluent alumni, families, and supporters in a fast-changing world.”

This partnership has already delivered next-level insights for early adopters like The New School’s advancement team, which uses Windfall and EverTrue to update the college’s donor ratings for thousands of constituents. The team also used EverTrue to identify more than 1,300 prospects from Windfall-rated million-dollar households who are actively engaging with The New School on Facebook, helping prioritize outreach for its fundraisers.

“Having Windfall’s net worth calculations, EverTrue’s engagement insights, and giving information all in one place makes prospect analysis and discovery much easier,” Ryan Bagley, AVP of University Development and Alumni Relations at The New School, said. “It fills a gap for us as we work to grow the number of major gift donors. With Windfall and EverTrue, we’ve gone from 8,000 rated prospects to more than 38,000. Our team is prioritizing personal outreach and stewardship to the ones who are already giving, interacting with us online, or attending events. This week alone, EverTrue alerted me to 53 new prospects with high net worth scores who are unassigned donors.”

This partnership also makes integration and data ingestion hassle free. For customers who want to add net worth data to TrueView insights in the EverTrue platform, the two companies will activate a direct feed from Windfall to EverTrue, sparing advancement services teams days or weeks of implementation work. Instead, end users of these wealth insights will have near-immediate access to critical information in EverTrue. Teams can also download the regularly refreshed Windfall information from EverTrue for additional use in private CRMs or business intelligence tools.

About EverTrue
EverTrue’s software, powered by exclusive TrueView insights, gives fundraising teams a comprehensive view of every donor by connecting their data to a hub of social and demographic information sources. Today, more than half of the top 100 colleges use EverTrue’s modern, mobile-first platform to engage alumni, fundraise, discover prospects, manage gift officer portfolios, and coordinate volunteer programs. EverTrue is headquartered in Boston and is backed by University Ventures and Bain Capital Ventures. Visit EverTrue at www.evertrue.com.

About Windfall
Founded in 2016, Windfall is on a mission to determine the net worth of everyone on the planet. The company serves organizations by providing actionable consumer financial data that is refreshed on a weekly basis. More than 400 organizations use Windfall to identify and engage their most promising constituents. Windfall is based in San Francisco and backed by Bullpen Capital, Bonfire Ventures, Industry Ventures, TenOneTen Ventures, ValueStream Ventures, and Auren Hoffman. Visit www.windfalldata.com for more information.