EverTrue Announces Acquisition of Pledgemine

Press Release (June 2022)

EverTrue has announced the acquisition of Pledgemine, the education sector's preferred personalized on-demand direct mail ordering and segmentation solution.

EverTrue, the leading donor engagement software platform, today announced the acquisition of Pledgemine, the education sector’s preferred personalized on-demand direct mail ordering and segmentation solution.

Pledegemine’s production efficiency and automation from concept to mailbox adds another channel to EverTrue’s growing outreach toolset. Customers can identify donor segments based on EverTrue’s consolidated data insights and generate personalized messages through video, email, text, and now direct mail.

This integration of communication solutions tied to robust donor profiles streamlines multi-touchpoint campaigns. It creates a unified donor experience with universal performance analytics that save fundraising teams time and drive cross-channel ROI.

“Now more than ever, advancement teams are tasked to do more with less. Data shows that donors give more with transparency and personalized follow-up,” said Todd Moxley, President of Pledgemine. “With this acquisition, we can pair smart data with targeted follow-up across multiple channels without extra work. Picture a congratulation note mailed from a gift officer on the same day a donor’s promotion appears on LinkedIn or fall appeal campaigns with messaging tailored to donor engagement data. There’s no limit to the possibilities.”

“We are creating an end-to-end solution for fundraisers to harvest critical information, contextualize it, and act on it in a way that truly moves the needle for creating a healthy donor pipeline,” said Brent Grinna, founder and CEO of EverTrue. “Our focus is on creating a platform that is rooted in scaling authentic donor engagement across the entire giving pyramid.”

“I couldn’t be more excited to hear that Pledgemine is joining the EverTrue family,” said Dana Suther, Director of Strategic Solicitations at Kansas State University Foundation. “When I think about Pledgemine I think about efficiency and ease of use, and EverTrue has allowed my colleagues and I to work smarter and dig deeper in our development work – with these two combined the sky is the limit!”

Over the last year, EverTrue announced its merger with ThankView, the largest personalized video platform for higher-ed and nonprofits, as well as its acquisition of The Solas Group, a pioneer in predictive modeling and analytics. With the addition of Pledgemine, the combined company will leverage cutting-edge data consolidation, visualization, and communication software to enable fundraising teams to personally engage thousands more supporters.

About EverTrue

EverTrue’s software, data, and services empower higher education and independent school advancement teams to create personalized experiences for donors. Hundreds of teams use EverTrue’s network of social and demographic data sources and modern, mobile-first software to reach more donors and increase fundraising. The company is backed by Rubicon Technology Partners and serves more than 2,000 nonprofit customers. Visit www.evertrue.com for more information.

About Pledgemine

Pledgemine provides cutting-edge ideas, inspiration, and high-quality communication solutions to facilitate donor engagement and loyalty. Their robust on-demand ordering and segmentation software empowers fundraising departments to connect faster and smarter with their audience. They also provide a Solutions Library with a comprehensive catalog of ideas to jump-start mailings. Visit www.pledgemine.com for more information.